UML is a simple Android user interface built around the yUML UML diagramming tool (No affiliation with yUML and this is not an official app for yUML). This diagramming tool allows UML diagrams to be created with minimal typing and without special characters which are hard to type on most mobile keyboards. (Use Help Overlay for Guidance)

    This tools is meant to support simple Class and Use Case diagrams to share ideas. It supports only a small portion of UML notation and is not intended to replace a commercial grade UML tool. Sometimes simple is the best!

    Diagram images are rendered and stored locally on the device where they can be emailed to friends or colleagues. This tool requires an Internet connection to render the diagrams. Diagrams can be created offline, but updating the images requires an Internet connection.

    The tool is free to use but does add a watermark if more than five diagrams are stored. The small unlimited license fee helps cover development costs, server space, and future capabilities so please consider supporting developers.

    - Create UML Use Case diagrams
    - Create UML Class diagrams
    - Easy to use pinch and zoom controls
    - Email diagram text and PNG images
    - Diagrams are stored locally on the device
    - Many benefits of yUML ( )

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