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    Enjoy Universal Radio, the Universal hub of all online radio stations. Listen to news, music, sports and other radio broadcasts at Universal Radio, and from free. All you need is an internet connection. Universal Radio is a very low weight, easy to use android radio player and it works well even with slow internet connection.

    Streaming radio stations from all around the world
    Currently broadcasting – Mexican radio, Spanish radio, Brazilian radio and Bangladeshi Radio
    New radio stations added every day
    Listen to all sorts of sports broadcast such as college football, basketball, soccer, world cup football and others
    Grand collection of music stations! Enjoy jazz, pop, rock, dance, metal, samba, classic, church and all forms of music radio
    Radio broadcast include internet radio stations, AM, FM radio
    English, Bengali, Spanish language radio available now. Soon to be added Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese language
    Works with WiFi, 2G, 3G or any forms of internet connection
    Works great even in slow internet connectivity

    Disclaimer: Universal Radio compiles “free to use” internet radio stations through their IP and broadcasts the stream in your android device. This app doesn’t broadcast any stations that requires

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