Unsecured Tenant Loan




    Unsecured Tenant Loans: Non Homeowners Have No Option?... It’s Time To Reconsider

    The “Loan World” is a complex jungle full of a variety of loans, all at your disposal. Literally – there’s something for everyone! There are Personal Loans, Wedding Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Home Loans and many others. The cash obtained through these loans can then be used for home furnishing, renovation, buying that dream home/car, education or weddings. Well, what about those who have no security to offer or no collateral to put up to avail these loans? Like I said, there’s something for them too, it’s called an Unsecured Tenant Loan.

    Being unsecured like many other loans, these Tenant Loans do not require you (the borrower) to place any collateral as security, as in case of Secured Loans. This makes Unsecured Tenant Loans very attractive to non homeowners like tenants, students, PG’s, etc. However, this advantageous feature has it’s drawback too. Owing to the absence of collateral, lenders have to bear a greater risk with regard to repayment. With Secured Loans, in case you default on your repayments, lenders can take custody of your collateral. Conversely, in case of Unsecured Tenant Loans, defaulting on your monthly payments leaves your lenders in a lurch.

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