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The Virtual Menu is a simple and innovative product for your business. Sleek and easy to access .
With it you can leverage your sales and retain more customers .

- Products are presented to customers in a clean and elegant way.
- Photo, price and description of each product .
- Requests will be sent to a manager requests .
- Fully independent . You register , changes and deletes its products at any time by accessing the system via a web browser .
- And the best , now TOTALLY FREE .

This is only the beginning . New features will be implemented through updates .
In version 2.0 are available 4 languages ​​: Portuguese , English , Spanish and French .

procedure :
- Send an email to the developer request login ID and password .
- You will receive a login and password to access the system.
- Download the applications of Virtual Menu and Order , both free .
- Access to the system through a web browser of your choice and register some products .
- Access the system in tablet with ID .
- Your products must already appear separated by category.
- Continues ...

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