Voice Lie Detector



Voice Lie Detector - Check in few seconds who is lying! and who's telling the truth.
This app is perfect party game.
Select a person to take the test, press START button and ask him/her some funny questions, such as:

- Who is your best friend ever ?
- Have you had any bad relations with anyone in this room?
- What is one thing no one knows about you ?
- What is the best gift you have received ?
- Do you love me /or name yours friend ?
- What did you wanna be when you were younger?
- What celebrity do you think You Look Like?

etc etc.

Tested person answering to the microphone, when she/he finish answer put the STOP button and you can see the answer was: true or false.
Invent a lot of the funny questions for your friends and check they tell you true or false with Voice Lie Detector. We guarantee lots of laughs and great fun!
Have fun! :)

Note to the inquiring:
Voice Lie Detector is a funny play application (not realy polygraph or sensor). It detects lies with about 50% success :)

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