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Phone Recorder help you can record anything with your phone. The app have 2 main feature voice recorder and call recorder. You can record a phone call with call recorder feature including incoming and outgoing call. A popup button will be shown let you select to record the call or not. It will be hide when the call finish.
You also record a voice with voice recorder feature. Sound will be record by device microphone. Unfortunately, the app not support edit sound effect or cutting sound record. Quality of recordings depend on so much microphone, app also not support change sampling frequency.
All sound and call also will be store in external storage. You can manager all recordings so easy. You can remove the sound if no longer need it.

Phone Recorder Feature:
- Record calls on Android phone, including incoming and outgoing call
- Record voice on Android phone.
- Play recording on application
- Share recordings to friends.
- Manager call recordings history and able to recall

How to use the app:
1. Call recorder:
- A popup recording button will show when have incoming or outgoing call
- Press on the button if you want to start record, ignore it if not
- Press on the button again if you want to stop and the button will be hided
- When finish the call, the button also hide automatically.
- Open Phone Recorder app or touch on app notification, you can check the sound of call in call recorder tab.
2. Voice recorder:
- Open Phone Recorder app and swipe to voice recorder tab
- Press on add button at the bottom of screen to use voice recorder feature.
- Press on recording button in next screen to start recording
- Press on the button again to stop

Note: Phone Recorder use microphone to record so please make sure no app using microphone before start recording.

Enjoy with helpful tool.

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