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    This contents of this app is for informational purposes only. It presents real-world results of data usage and battery consumption of the most popular VOiP voice calling apps under standard conditions. Skype, Viber, KakaoTalk, LINE and Tango are the most downloaded VOiP apps for Android smartphhones and tablets, and as such were reviewed in this comparitive analysis.

    VOiP (Voice over internet protocol) technology can significantly reduce the cost of making voice calls. The proliferation of smartphone apps that provide this functionality can help users reduce calling costs by using internet data to make calls with VOiP apps instead of over the cellular voice network. Using VOiP calling over a wi-fi internet connection can result in calls that are vitually free (depending on the wi-fi plan), but making calls using 3G / HSDPA / LTE can incur network carrier costs. The question is how much data do these calls use, as this will determine whether it is a more cost effective way of making voice calls. In addition, since these apps need to be on standby in the background in order to provide an alternative to recieving voice calls, the standby data consumption and battery usage is also an important consideration when deciding which VOiP app to use.

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