Wear Light



Let there be light !

Wear Light aims at shining a little light from the screen of your Android Wear device.
You now have a light source any time you need and it's conveniently attached to your wrist !

Sudden power outage ? Don't wanna wake your partner with a ceiling light ? The baby's crying ?
Just launch it by saying "start light" and dismiss the screen when you don't need it anymore.

- Please ensure that your mobile is compatible with Wear.
- And that your phone is paired with Wear in the Wearable App.
- On application install, the Wear app will automatically install in your watch.
- To open: Say "Open light" or go to "Start..." and open the app "Light"
- The application CANNOT BE OPENED on your mobile after install, only on your Wear Device.

The permission is needed to adjust brightness.

Enjoy you wearable flashlight

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