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The easiest way to explore, manage and backup your mobile device data from your computer

  • Easy connection
  • Neat and polished design
  • User-friendly design
  • Functionality: manage files and backup apps
  • Custom gallery folders aren't displayed
  • Can't upload images directly from gallery's folder

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"From mobile to desktop... and back again"


Accessing and sharing files between your smartphone or tablet and your desktop computer (and laptop) is now a snap, thanks to apps like GeekSoft's Web PC Suite. Forget about USB cables or Bluetooth: the easiest way to sync your mobile and desktop devices is via WiFi. Web PC Suite makes it straightforward: open the app, input the URL into your desktop browser, and scan the QR using the built-in scanner. Voilà! Now you can access and manage all the files, folders, and apps in your mobile device's guts. There's no need to scan the QR code each time though: create an account (you can use Twitter, Facebook, or Google login) and input your credentials if you feel more comfortable that way.


No question, there are other similar services on the store. What makes Web PC Suite stand out is its intuitiveness and neat design. Connecting your desktop and mobile devices is a piece of cake. In addition, the interface has been revamped to guarantee you have everything at hand. Files are automatically categorized in preset folders (Videos, Gallery, Apps, Documents...). Functionality has been boosted too: view, open, delete and downloads files right from the web dashboard. You can even backup apps and check system information.


The gallery still doesn't show your custom folders, but rather just the preset folders like screenshots and download pics. You can't add photos to your computer directly from the preset gallery's folder.

Original review from Jul 11, 2014:

The easiest way to access your mobile files from your laptop or desktop computer

Accessing and sharing files between your smartphone or tablet and your desktop computer can be a real pain in the... right there.

GeekSoft's Web PC Suite lays out one of the quickest and easiest way to gain full access to the files located in your mobile device straight from your desktop or laptop browser. No matter what's your default browser: it supports most-known Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera.

Download the app to your mobile device and launch it right after. Make sure both the mobile and your desktop computer are on the same WiFi network. Type the URL in your desktop browser, scan the QR code displayed with the built-in QR Scanner the mobile app comes with and... voilà. You can now share files between your desktop computer and mobile device seamlessly.

Original rating: 8.2/10

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