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What's here Places Brought to you by Vijay Web Solutions for searching near by places

Its really easy to search places close to you which you need in day to day life.

Like .(Airport, Atm, Bank, Cafe, Jewellery, Health, Fire Station, Post Office, Restaurant, Hospital, Bus Station, Cloths, Movies, Police Station , School, Food, Bakery, City Hall, Doctor, Dentist, Electronic Store, Hindu Temple, Lodging, Zoo, Finance, Art Gallery,Bar,
Beauty Saloon, Bicycle Store, Car Repair, Casino, Church, Electrician, Furniture Shop, Gas Station, Gym,Hardware Store, Library, Museum, Night Club, Park, Parking, Pharmacy, Shoe Store, Stadium, Subway Station, Taxi stand, Train Station, University, Travel Agency, Veterinary Care). User can save settings as Range i.e. search near by places from his selected location to particular kilometre of range. User can select manual location as well.

you can reach to this places just on one click .it will draw a root for you from your current position till your destination

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