WiFi hack password spy

WiFi hack password spy

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WiFi hack password spy use the most sophisticated brute-force algorithm for WiFi penetration

purposes. In order to hack the password WiFi hack password spy will try all possible combinations

with speed of 10-20 passwords in second (600-1200/min). In order to stay anonymous and out of

troubles any requests will be send from fake IP and MAC address.
If the victim have short password, you will hack it for couple of minutes to 1 hour.
1. Choose the wireless network.
2. Choose minimum and maximum passwords length (usually 6-10 characters).
3. Click "Hack" button
4. Wait, until the password is hacked
With the help of this app you can see how important is to have strong security password and learn how
much time will take to crack your own WiFi password.
Gaining access to computer systems or accounts without prior authorization from the owner is a crime
in most countries, but penetration testing done by request of the owner of the victim system(s) or
network(s) is not.
Use this app only against your WiFi network or with the permission of the WiFi owner.
Attention this tool is only for educational and prank purposes and should not be used against the law!
Make your phone or tablet to look coolest than ever and make yourself smart hacker in the eyes of your classmates,friends or even if you want to impress some girls. WiFi hack password spy is the ultimate hack app. Make your
friends to think that you are the ultimate hacker who can crack any possible WiFi and crack every
password just by using your android phone with this very special application.

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★
✓ WiFi password hacking
✓ Brute-force algorithm
✓ 1200-2000 passwords/min
✓ Fake IP changer
✓ Real time status report
✓ Min/Max password symbols length chooser
✓ Easy to run
This app is not real hack tool, but its a very good simulation. Hacking of a WiFi with a real hack
tools would be illegal.

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