WoT Clan War Alert



This app is designed to notify about battles of your clan on global map. Just find your clan by name or clan-tag and you will not miss any battle of your team.
Also, this application displays a lot of useful information in an easy accessible form:
- List of scheduled battles
- Additional info about battle (game-map, respawn point, the opponent, the tournament grid for landings, the list of contenders for landing and much more)
- Full info about opponent clan: number clan members, clan ratings according to wotclans portal, win chance, average efficiency rating of clan members and other
- List of owned provinces
- General information about the your clan

Differences from the free version:
- No ads.
- You can choose time before battle, when you'll receive notification.
- You can change app style in settings.

Be sure to try the free version before buying

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