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Software supports high quality music downloads on Zing Mp3 320kps and lossless
How to use : Use App Zing Mp3 or visit mp3.zing.vn , then to hear the song and select features on the App share or web browser .
Share dialog box appears select 320kps Download . Music is loaded by default Android Downloads .

 + Support App download songs from Zing Mp3 - > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mp3.zing.vn
 + Support download songs from the website - > http://m.mp3.zing.vn/ and http://mp3.zing.vn/
 + Nice easy to use interface
 + Default download feature of Android
 + File download are stored in / sdcard / ZVIPDownload
 + No support music album download , you can just only individual songs
 + Support for Android TV

- Note: if the song only 128kps quality download , you still are but the quality 128kps

Update Expected :
 + Support download music album

Google translate English version

Support: http://plusgates.com/app/android-tai-nhac-mp3-zing-320kps/

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