Zooper Wear - Omate ★ROOT★

Zooper Wear - Omate ★ROOT★

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"Zooper Wear - Omate Edition" is a set of 4X4 Widgets for Zooper designed to expand upon the basic look of Android Wear bringing it to your Omate TrueSmart!

> Notifications for SMS/GMail/Calls & 5 others
> Time/Date
> Wi-Fi/Mobile Data indicators¹
> Weather/Temperature
> Battery percentage/Charging indicator¹
> Upcoming Calendar Events
> Music Controls¹
> Dark/Light themes
¹ = Change dynamically depending on whether or not they're being used

★ROOT★ access on your Omate TrueSmart watch
Omate TrueSmart watch with the ability to sideload the Play Store
Zooper Pro-> http://tinyurl.com/ZooperWidgetPro
Tasker Pro (for Notifications)-> http://tinyurl.com/TaskerPro
Media Utilities (for Music Controls)-> http://tinyurl.com/MediaUtilities
3rd-party Launcher (example: Nova or Apex)

1) Install Zooper Pro
2) Install Tasker Pro & enable it in Settings-> Accessibility Services
3) Install Zooper Wear - Omate Tasker
4) Download these Tasker Settings--> http://tinyurl.com/Tasker-n-Icons-Omate-V1
5) Using a File Explorer type App (such as ES File Manager), copy/paste directly into the folder Tasker created on its own - SDCARD/TASKER)
6) Launch Tasker & import newly transferred settings
7) Still within Tasker, navigate to the "Tasks" page, then enter each of the Tasks (even the ones associated with Apps you don't use or currently have installed) & tap the "Play" button
8) Create a 4X4 Zooper Widget
9) Within the Zooper Widget setup, select any of the "ZWT..." templates
That's it!
Return to your Homescreen & Zooper Wear - Omate Tasker should now be present
More in-depth Setup Guide (including how to enable Tasker within Accessibility Services)-> http://tinyurl.com/SetupOmateTasker

For Music Controls:
1) Launch Media Utilties
2) Select desired Music App
3) Within Media Utilities, ensure the following are enabled:
- Zooper
- Attempt direct control
- Make coverart available

Suggested Nova Launcher Settings to have it properly fit "full-screen"
> Grid - 4X4
> Dock - Off/Disaled
> Status Bar - Off/Disabled
> Page Indicators - Off/Disabled
> Width Margin - 0
> Height Margin - 0
also disable the Navigation Bar

Available Widgets in Dark & Light themes:
> "ZWOT - Icons On" - icons default to display regardless of if there's new Notifications then #'s appear when Notifications are received
> "ZWOT - Icons Off til new" - icons default to invisible until there's new Notifications
> "ZWOT - Icons Off til new - no #" - icons default to invisible until there's new Notifications without a # count

- Designed primarily for use with an Omate TrueSmart in "standalone" mode (with a SIM inside it), though can be used without, as long as it has a Data connection
- This Widget is made for use on an Omate TrueSmart Watch (as well as the original Galaxy Gear running Android) & will not look right if installed on a phone.
Phone version are available as a separate App either with or without Tasker integration: "Zooper Wear" & "Zooper Wear - Compact"

===== ===== ===== =====
Q & A
Q: Can I assign a different App to launch when tapping SMS/Phone?
A: Sure!
1) Launch Zooper Widget Pro & Tap "Configure Wigdets"
2) Tap "Layout"
3) Find & tap "SMS Icon"
4) Scroll down to & tap "Module OnTap"
5) Swipe from right-to-left to access the "App List"
6) Locate the SMS App you'd like to launch instead & tap it
7) Press your device's "Back" button once
8) Repeat Steps 3-7 for the other 2 items associated with SMS - "Red Bubble" & "Notification Count"
Same can be done for the Phone App used

Q: Can I assign different Apps than Hangouts/Google+/Facebook/Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp?
A: Yes, but you'll need to switch for currently supported Apps-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ps6IQkolI

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