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to AMOLED displays. Most of the screen stays black except for a few pixels. ★Notable features • Always

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Toddler Tap-A-Mole

Toddler Tap-A-Mole is a simple tap-for-fun game set in a fictional mole infested yard. The aim of the game is to protect the yard from those pesky moles by tapping them on the head when they pop up. Wow crazy fun! Disclaimer: If you're not a toddler and you're not someone who's thinking about downloading this app for a toddler, you pro…

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AMOLED Wallpapers

AMOLED Wallpapers is an app with specially designed wallpapers for AMOLED screens to save you a lot

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Download ExDialer SimpBlack Theme ExDialer SimpBlack Theme icon
ExDialer SimpBlack Theme

REQUIRES ExDialer v125 or above SimpBlack Theme for exDialer. It's not a standalone app. Install exDialer to apply this theme. Theme package can not replace launcher icons of exDialer. But you can try "exDialer Shortcut Plugin" to customize icons for dialer and contacts.

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Download AMOLED Burn-in Fixer AMOLED Burn-in Fixer icon
AMOLED Burn-in Fixer

"Burn-in" is caused by an uneven wear on the screen and can only be reversed when the uneven portions are worn like the rest of the screen. By using this app you are guaranteed to wear only the status bar and/or navigation bar so the effects of burn-in should be reduced.

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Download ১ মিনিটের আমল - 1 Minute Amol ১ মিনিটের আমল - 1 Minute Amol icon
১ মিনিটের আমল - 1 Minute Amol

মিনিটের আমল বা 1 Minute Amol অ্যাপটি আশা করি কিছুটা হলেও তা তুলে ধরবে। এক মিনিট সময়ের মাঝে অনেক ভাল কাজ

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Download Screen Tester Screen Tester icon
Screen Tester

This application will help you to search for any dead pixels on your screen. It will also allow you to compare the color rendering of different devices by running over them. Finally, a gray 18% will also allow you to adjust the white balance on your digital camera. When the color display, the screen no longer sleep. Touch the color screen to chang…

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Download Protidin er Proyojonio Dua Protidin er Proyojonio Dua icon
Protidin er Proyojonio Dua

protection, dua for everything, dua for a good day Choto choto kisu doa ache ja amol korle onek neki hasil

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Download Rizik Baranor Duah and Amol Rizik Baranor Duah and Amol icon
Rizik Baranor Duah and Amol

Almighty Allah own no provision. Let us assume that the provision of services to improve the way the Islamic system. Muslims believe that the person's income and earnings, life and death, and good luck and bad luck, etc., in the belly of his mother when he was rnidharana. And for this he was awarded the sphere of allocation. Therefore, it is ou…

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