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    Amplifying Bible

    in English are King James Version or Authorized version, New King James Version, Amplified Bible, English

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    Amplify Bible

    The Amplify Bible is an English translation of the Bible that offers an “amplified” text

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    MyBible - Bible

    MyBible will help you study the Bible carefully and deeply. It will make the Bible more convenient to read, as you will always have it with you without the need of an Internet connection. Bible translations in more than three hundred languages are available, including the original texts and early translations in ancient Greek, ancient Hebrew, and A…

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    MP3 Amplifier

    Amplifies your MP3 files from low tones to high.

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    Amplified Bible

    The Amplified Bible for Android The FASTEST Bible app and most efficient way to read & study

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    Volume Amplifier Booster x2

    the volume of your device to twice normal? Now with "Volume Boosters x2" you can amplify the sound

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    The Amplified Bible

    The Amplified Bible is an amazing app of the Holy Bible that will help you access and read the word

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    Microphone Amplifier

    Microphone Amplifier, main features: Wire-tapping the voice around you, providing 50 level

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    Equalizer FX

    envelope of the sound. - Bass boost. Is an audio effect to boost or amplify low frequencies of the sound

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    Amplifier Volume Max Boost

    sound to the maximum in a single key. Increase The Amplifier Sound with user-friendly interface, ultra

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    Volume Booster Amplifier

    Audio Amplifier adjusts the volume of your audio file or video file. It also allows you

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