"answer tones"

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Call End Tone

Hello? Still there? Make your phone play a sound (notification ringtone) or vibrate when you hangup or when the line is disconnected. * Additional sounds can usually be saved in /sdcard/media/notifications/. * Low vibration intensity (or none) on SAMSUNG devices: Go to Android's System Settings, Sound, Vibration Intensity and set the intensi…

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Dumb words Answers

person . players and the people around you . A hint of this guessing game . Tone design simplicity

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Leg Muscles: Toning Exercise

This program will help you develop all of the major muscle groups to tone your legs fast. Toning

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AT&T Ringback Tones

Managing your Ringback Tones just got easier with Android! Now you can browse, preview, manage

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Hang Up Tone Free

disconnected? With Hang Up Tone you no longer have to be in doubt! Hang Up Tone allows you to configure

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Tone Zone

is the answer. You'll not only hit max muscle, which ups your metabolism, but also strengthen your core

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MetroPCS CallerTunes

while they wait for you to answer the phone. Choose from thousands of your favorite songs to play

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La Liga Stats Oficial

friends and win every single debate about LaLiga! How do you get the right answers? Download La

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Video Caller Id

elements (name, photo, telephone) and how to answer the call (buttons, slider, glowpad, swipe

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Hang Up Tone

disconnected? With Hang Up Tone you no longer have to be in doubt! Hang Up Tone allows you to configure

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Pocket Tone

time? Pocket Tone is the answer! Using your device’s Proximity Sensor*, Pocket Tone determines whether

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Vodacom Welcome Tones

Welcome to the Vodacom Welcome Tones App!! With this app designed and developed for Android You

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