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or right side of the screen to make Arbie's colors shift left or right. + You can also swipe left

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Download ARBI - Augmented Reality ARBI - Augmented Reality icon
ARBI - Augmented Reality

ARBI is an Augmented Reality application ready to use with the Official Augmented Reality Book

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Download ARBI 2 - Augmented Reality ARBI 2 - Augmented Reality icon
ARBI 2 - Augmented Reality

ARBI 2 (ARBI and the Treasure Chest) is an Augmented Reality APP ready to use with the Official

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Download Naat Muhammad-e-Arbi (S.A.W) Naat Muhammad-e-Arbi (S.A.W) icon
Naat Muhammad-e-Arbi (S.A.W)

Muhammad-e-Arbi (S.A.W) is an Islamic app providing media content and utilities for spiritual enlightenment

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Download Six Kalimas: کلمہ Six Kalimas: کلمہ icon
Six Kalimas: کلمہ

The SIX KALMAS is an application in which people can recite the Kalmas with perfect pronunciation and translation. The application inculcates 6 Kalmas that are basically Dhikr or Zikr and Dua or Supplication. This particular application makes the process of learning these Kalmas by heart very easy and convenient. The Six Kalimas (from Arabic كلمة…

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Download Learn Quran for Kids 2 Learn Quran for Kids 2 icon
Learn Quran for Kids 2

Teach your children holy quran Teach your children to read the holy quran and the voice of Sheikh Afasy Repeat with the kids and Hozaefi without the need to connect to the Internet Application includes 10 Shorts Sora Ad-Duhaa Ash-Sharh Tin Al-Qadr Az-Zalzalah Al-`Adiyat Al-Qari`ah At-Takathur Al-Humazah Al-Kafirun

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Download Arbys Coupons - 50% Off Arbys Coupons - 50% Off icon
Arbys Coupons - 50% Off

Get a special coupon for your favorite Arbys thanks to Arbys Coupons android app.Arbys coupons have

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Download Learn Arabic Language Basics 1 Learn Arabic Language Basics 1 icon
Learn Arabic Language Basics 1

Learn Arabic Language Basics for Reading Quran Level 1 This application covers learning the basic arabic language for reading Quran and you will be able to read arabic and write arabic in few days which is guaranteed. On touching each alphabet, you can hear the pronounciation. Lesson 1: Arabic Alphabets Lesson 1(A): Jumbled Arabic Alphabets Les…

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Download Coupons 4 Pizza Hut,Arbys Coupons 4 Pizza Hut,Arbys icon
Coupons 4 Pizza Hut,Arbys

"Coupons 4 Pizza Hut,Arbys is a simple coupons app that shows the latest coupons for your

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Download Arby N' the Chief Sounds Arby N' the Chief Sounds icon
Arby N' the Chief Sounds

Arby N' the Chief soundboard, from the YouTube Machinima series Arby N' the Chief!

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Download Arabic Language - GO Keyboard Arabic Language - GO Keyboard icon
Arabic Language - GO Keyboard

Do you get annoyed with the foreign language keyboard? The Arabic keyboard dictionary pack for GO Keyboard will surely help you input smoothly and correct your spelling as a translation dictionary Besides, Arabic keyboard dictionary supportsa huge number of local language and translate them to locals. Download this FREE Arabictranslation pack to…

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Download My First Iqra' My First Iqra' icon
My First Iqra'

This application will teach you the phonics of Arabic letters when written with diacritic signs, namely signs which are written either above or below the letter. The corresponding short vowels are known as fatha, damma and kasra. This is fundamental in learning how to read the Quran verses.

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