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phase, day in phase period and moon's rise and set. Astroid calculates rise and set of all Planets

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Asteroid Defense Free

Save the earth from the asteroid rain in an innovative Tower Defense approach. Equip your space station with blaster, laser, solar panel, shield, and freeze cannons. Defense is very important, so protect your command center and let it blast away all incoming asteroid waves. Beat the best players and put your name on the Leaderboard! We currently u…

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Asteroid Belt Free L Wallpaper

A beautiful 3D live wallpaper featuring a planetary system and tumbling asteroids! The planets move based on the time of day! Has proper support for home-screen switching, and supports both portrait and landscape mode! Works as a Daydream on 4.2+ devices! If you enjoy this, get the full version for a complete settings screen, with lots of custo…

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Astroid Sat (beta) - Orbit 3D

This planetarium application simulates satellite orbit. Current version supports more than 100 satellites. For example, the international space station(ISS) and the Hubble Space Telescope(HST), and so on. Planets and more than 9000 stars are supported. Have you ever seen the international space station(ISS)? Let's find satellites above the sky…

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Asteroid Belt Live Wallpaper

A spectacular 3D live wallpaper featuring a star system with an asteroid belt in the foreground! Planets orbit based on the time of day! Makes full use of OpenGL and supports both portrait and landscape mode, plus any screen resolution. Works as a Daydream on 4.2+ devices! This full version has lots of settings available. Change how the backgr…

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Ander-oids 3D Lite

Classic Asteroids game... but in 3D! Warp across galaxies, collecting fuel for your dying planet. Destroy all asteroids and aliens in your path to complete your mission Forget Angry Birds! This is an updated combination of the classic asteroids and space invaders games of the 80's Choose from a range of ships, with different strengths Adjust…

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Asteroid 2012 3D HD

The original arcade shoot em up (shmup) returns in 3D! Get ready for some insane blaster action with asteroids, meteors and aliens everywhere around you! The old school arcade classic shmup has been reinvented for the 21st century. Asteroid 2012 shakes down the old arcade classic and catapults it into deep space - delivering wave after wave of aste…

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Astroid Fallout!

In this action packed game shoot and destroy astroids with nukes and missiles, but wait!... don'

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Droid Avoid Asteroid!

Avoid being hitted by asteroids! Flee the celestial bodies that moves around the sun(AKA Asteroids) and survive with your Droid much longer than you can!! How to play: Touch your Droid and drag him to avoid the asteroids. This game was made by me to learn some basics about game dev on android's devices. Please, report errors to help the devel…

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Impact Belt

a fighter ship, you are set on making it through the Astroid Belt. Dodge as many astroids as possible. Your

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Asteroids Crack

astroid it gives protection for 10 seconds. * When you hit Gold astroid you can get double points for 10

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Little game inspired by the famous Astroids Atari game. This application use the framework Lib

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