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Download Clawbert Clawbert icon

Clawbert is a lonely claw. He only has two fingers. But he has a full heart! Help Clawbert find friends. Make Clawbert happy again! The Clawbert UFO catcher machine is great for children and adults alike. Collect the cutest, most adorable toy creatures from surprise eggs as you try to fill your collection. OMG is that a rare surprise egg?!? Catc…

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Download Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike icon
Counter Terrorist-SWAT Strike

Maybe you are our zombie game fans,and here we are happy to share with you our new product :Counter Terrorist-Critical Strike(CT-CS) Our developers are the hardcore classic FPS game fans,we spent huge effort to bring this kind of classic game into your portable devices. Game control: ☑Left 1/3 screen is for moving,right 2/3 screen is for aiming.…

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Download Free Fifa Street 2 Free Fifa Street 2 icon
Free Fifa Street 2

In Free Fifa Street 2, named after EA Sports’ popular soccer series, you’ll take control of your team and play a street soccer game. Choose from popular national teams like Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, and more. You’ll use the on-screen controls to take control of the ball in a four-man team, making sure to dribble the ball and keep it awa…

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Download Strange Hero: Mutant Spider Strange Hero: Mutant Spider icon
Strange Hero: Mutant Spider

In the old city of villains took over. The police can not cope and the city panicked. This is your chance to become a hero of the spider! Shoot the web, climb walls, winning the battle, save the city from villains! You are the last hope of humanity. Stop crime, become a hero of the spiders and save the city from capture. You will help the web, inte…

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Download Ada - Personal Health Companion Ada - Personal Health Companion icon
Ada - Personal Health Companion

Are you feeling tired all the time but not exactly sure why? Maybe you have a headache? Ada wants to help by becoming your personal health companion. Available for the Android and iOS, after creating a personal account with your basic information and e-mail address, you’ll answer a questionnaire so Ada can create a personalized health profile. The…

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Download Progress - see your body change over time Progress - see your body change over time icon
Progress - see your body change over time

Follow us and DM for support: http://twitter.com/progress Progress let's you take a selfie every day so little by little you see how your body is changing. Then swipe through the pictures and show off the result of your hard work! • PERFECT ALIGNMENT Progress makes it really easy to keep all your photos lined up. When you take a new photo, you se…

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Download TypeShift TypeShift icon

Instead of having to manually type in the letter, developer Zach Gage invites you to swipe up and down to line up a series of letter columns to find new words. You’ll get started with a free word pack consisting of five levels, but soon, you’ll choose from other word packs available to play through. In each level, once you’ve aligned a certain wor…

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Download PizzaMe! PizzaMe! icon

PizzaMe! is your number one resource for finding pizza. Simply tap the pizza to get directions to the closest pizza.

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Download Audiobook Maker - Early Adopters Audiobook Maker - Early Adopters icon
Audiobook Maker - Early Adopters

Audiobook Maker, allows you to make instant audiobooks and helps people with dyslexia read. You can create an audiobook out of anything in your clipboard, by sending any text from your computer using the Desktop App, by scanning a physical book and listening to it on your phone, or through the share extension in Safari. Audiobook Maker, will let y…

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Download Arcade Trail Arcade Trail icon
Arcade Trail

Arcade Trail is a crowdsourced game discovery and curation platform. It aims to make game discovery easy and fun, allowing both players and game creators to celebrate past, present and future games.
 It helps you to get excited about new titles, and gives you an overview of what’s on the horizon, or what you’ve missed lately.
 It helps you collec…

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Download Fairyland Story Fairyland Story icon
Fairyland Story

RESEÑAR: El mejor juego de APPLE mensual.El juego más innovador Lost Maze de IMGA que el equipo nuevo ha creado .Nosotros somos una pareja con mucha amor.A nosotros nos gusta diseñar el juego con amor y innovación.Hay muchos juegos de cmercio pero todos son iguales,pero el nuestro marca la diferencia.Nosotros llegamos a los corazones de las perso…

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Download Ninja Arashi Ninja Arashi icon
Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi is an intense platformer with mixed RPG elements. In this game, you play as arashi, a former legendary ninja who fights his way through the corrupted world to save his kidnapped son from the hand of the devil Orochi. With superior acrobatic and deadly weapons, arashi is ready to face menacing traps and enemies who have sworn to protect…

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