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of supported players below) ★ 5 Band-level Equalizer Controller ★ Audio sampler to test your Equalizer settings

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Dub Music Player + Equalizer

features. Dub Music Player + Equalizer will highly improve your sound quality and allow you to enjoy your

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Equalizer music player booster

characteristics: - 5 bands equalizer (improve your songs quality from bass to treble) - Audio player (directly

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Equalizer Music Player

Equalizer Music player is a music and video player which with Equalizer, Bass Booster

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HD Video Player

an unprecedented audio-visual! High Quality Video Player We ensure that your file is played

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Music Player - Audio Player

Powerful equalizer, Quick search all music and audio files, Easy to support all music & audio

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Equalizer FX

the better out of your music. Application include: - Equalizer. Is an audio filter to change the frequency

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out of your Music Player or Audio Player . Apply Equalizer Presets based on Music Genre , or quickly

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Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer - The best music EQ for your Android Let their songs much better with the Music

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Headphones Equalizer

equalization according to it (Premium) - Integrated music player and system volume controls: manage

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AnyPlayer Music Player

music files quickly and easily .This audio player supports almost all types of mp3, mp4, 3gp, acc, flac

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