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, car, etc. AudioTool FFTs sets of microphone samples. Aliasing reduced by Hann windowing. SPL

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Impulse Response

meter and Spectrum Analyser, please see our AudioTool app, also in Google Play.)

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Prints a list of the supported recording and playback formats on your Android device. v1.9 targets minsdk 9 and xlargescreens v1.8 minor changes v1.7 output includes Android Build.MODEL string v1.6 allows to send results as an email v1.5 n/a v1.4 confirms play/record capability by send/receive of samples to the audio hardware Questions: email jjb…

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PlatterSpeed - Vinyl Tool

PlatterSpeed is an easy way to calibrate turntable speed to proper 33 1/3 or 45 RPM using a 3150 Hz testtone. Using a testrecord with a 3150 Hz track you can record and adjust with your phone from the loudspeaker in an endless loop. The current speed relative to the nominal speed is visualized through a colored graphical indicator. Measuring the sp…

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Pulsate is a simple app which allows you to create musical patterns from randomly colliding circles. Sit back, watch the circles collide and listen to the evolving melodies. Please note that Pulsate is designed to run on modern devices and is intended to be used with headphones.

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SoundForm Signal Generator

Soundform generates White and Pink Noise, Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp waves and Impulses. Uses multiple cycled buffers, refreshed randomly, so ensuring truly random White/Pink noise. Questions or problems? Please Email me! If you need a combined Signal Generator and Spectrum Analyzer with dB SPL, Leq, Spectrogram, and RT60, check out the Androi…

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Spectrum Analyzer Lite

://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.sbaudio.audiotools Utilities included in this app are

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