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AutoRotate Switch

The 1st non-widget AutoRotate app that got 100k-500k downloads! Thanks...

Similar app: AutoRotate Switch - Donation

Free | 9 3.3K

9 Users
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Auto-Rotate Switch

Auto-Rotate-Switch is an app that change your screen orientation quick...

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Free | 8.4 1.2K

8.4 Users
Download Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch icon

Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch

Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch toggles autorotate on/off. The switch i...

Similar app: Bluetooth Status Bar Switch

Free | 9.2 1.7K

9.2 Users
Download Auto-Rotate Widget Auto-Rotate Widget icon

Auto-Rotate Widget

The Auto-Rotate Widget allows you to toggle the auto-rotate screen set...

Similar app: Auto-Rotate Widget Donate

Free | 8.4 1.7K

8.4 Users
Download AutoRotate OnOff AutoRotate OnOff icon

AutoRotate OnOff

Simple AutoRotate toggle widget (1x1). Allows you On/Off your screen a...

Similar app: AutoSync OnOff

Free | 9 5.3K

9 Users
Download AutoRotation Control AutoRotation Control icon

AutoRotation Control

Stop the display auto-rotating to the right or left side , without aff...

Similar app: Give Way To The Right

Free | 8.4 221

8.4 Users
Download Auto-Rotate Screen Auto-Rotate Screen icon

Auto-Rotate Screen

Auto-rotate screen toggle application (not a widget).

Similar app: Auto-rotate (1.6-)

Free | 7.8 937

7.8 Users
Download AutoRotate Change AutoRotate Change icon

AutoRotate Change

"AutoRotate Change" and then ON / OFF the automatic rotation...

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Free | 7.6 473

7.6 Users
Download AutoRotate On/Off Toggle AutoRotate On/Off Toggle icon

AutoRotate On/Off Toggle

Allow user to toggle the function "Auto Rotate" by using the...

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Free | 8.8 194

8.8 Users
Download AutoRotate Switch - Donation AutoRotate Switch - Donation icon

AutoRotate Switch - Donation

'Donation' version of 'AutoRotate Switch' app for swit...

Similar app: AutoRotate Switch

$1.99 $0.99 | 9.4 32

9.4 Users
Download Auto-rotate On/Off Auto-rotate On/Off icon

Auto-rotate On/Off

NOTICE:: On some devices, auto-rotate is called "Orientation Lock...

Similar app: Sync On/Off

Free | 9.6 12

9.6 Users
Download AutoRotate OnOff Switch Widget AutoRotate OnOff Switch Widget icon

AutoRotate OnOff Switch Widget

Application "AutoRotate OnOff Switch Widget" is a simple wid...

Similar app: AutoSync OnOff Widget

Free | 8 85

8 Users

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