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Download Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition icon
Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

of unknown origin threatens to plunge the city of Baldur’s Gate into conflict with Amn. Meanwhile

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Download Baldur's Gate II Baldur's Gate II icon
Baldur's Gate II

to godhood as the new Lord of Murder? Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition includes the original Shadows

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Download Baldur's Gate Reference Baldur's Gate Reference icon
Baldur's Gate Reference

Want to get the most out of your Baldur's Gate or Baldur's Gate 2 playthrough? Keep Baldur

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Download Towers N' Trolls Towers N' Trolls icon
Towers N' Trolls

and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance! Defend your kingdom from invading troll hordes, with addictive quick

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Download Baldur's Gate 2 Map Baldur's Gate 2 Map icon
Baldur's Gate 2 Map

Baldur's Gate 2 Map is an unofficial tool simulating ingame map, improved by places You don'

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Download Dragon+ Dragon+ icon

and a download of issue #1 of the Legends of Baldur’s Gate comic featuring Minsc and Boo!

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The Familiar Magazine

for iPhone or iPad has everything you want to know about Baldur’s Gate, Siege of Dragonspear

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The Shadow Sun

by veterans of the Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, and The Witcher franchises. With The Shadow Sun, Ossian

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Download The Raventhal (IceBlink RPG) The Raventhal (IceBlink RPG) icon
The Raventhal (IceBlink RPG)

, and the Infinity Engine games (like Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale...definitely check out Baldur's Gate

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Particle Tap

years of experience creating art for games including Baldur's Gate II, Neverwinter Nights, Jade

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