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Barometer Altimeter DashClock

Make use of the built-in sensors of your device! Features: - Barometer, Altimeter and Hygrometer - Fully customizable (Now you can change colors of almost everything) - Charts - Widget with trends - DashClock support - Uses built-in sensors - Multiple units supported (Pressure - hPa, mmHg. inHg, mbar, atm. Altitude - meters, feet) - Internet conn…

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Barometric Altimeter

support. Keywords : altimeter, pressure altimeter, barometric altimeter, barometer, pilot, hiker, sky

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Vintage Barometer (Sensor)

The barometer is a scientific instrument used in meteorology for more than three centuries to measure atmospheric pressure. By tracking changes in pressure it is possible to predict the weather with some accuracy. Now you can use your Android device as a barometer with this unique new app! Vintage Barometer uses your device's onboard barometer…

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Barometer Altimeter Widget

A simple yet useful barometric altimeter that actually works. Meant only for devices that have

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Show you the atmospheric pressure and altitude using the barometer sensor of your device.

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Galaxy S4 Thermometer. Free

Thermometer App is a very useful application that lets you know real temperature and the humidity in the air thanks to sensors that are included in your device, They are real data based on your location with your phone at any time.No data taken from internet , so make sure your device includes temperature sensor and humidity sensor that will funct…

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Barometric Altimeter Free

Displays calibrated altitude Displays air pressure Available in 4 units for altitude Available in 5 units for air pressure It works!

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SyPressure (Barometer)

. Features: 1) Real time pressure on elegant gauge. 2) Barometric altimeter (Pro version only) 3) Pressure

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spareO2 helps you calculating the reamaining operating time of your gas bottles or tanks. Comes in handy for long ambulance transports, paramedics, nurses, COPD-patients or medics in general. Also works for welding, scuba diving or any other kind of application where gas bottles are in use. (Works not only with oxygen.)

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IpBike ANT+™ Bike Computer

://www.iforpowell.com/cms/index.php?page=btle-beta Barometric pressure sensor used to enhance altitude on compatible devices e.g. Sony Xperia Active, Go, Z, Z2

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