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    Karate in brief

    Listing and demonstrating Karatedo martial art system: punches, kicks, blocks, forms (kata), sparring (kumite), competition, ... Karate students use this app for looking up, reviewing Karate techniques. Demonstrated by pictures and videos. Helpful for people fall in love with Karate-do and martial arts.

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    Judo in brief

    FEATURE: + Overview and systematize Judo martial art. + Demonstrated by pictures and videos. + Judo dictionary (Japanese-English and English-Japanese). + Tool for searching Judo techniques. + Tool for testing Judo techniques. + Helpful for people fall in love with Judo and martial arts. . INCLUDE: * Nage Waza - Te Waza - Koshi Waza - Ashi…

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    Download Word Search Word Search icon
    Word Search

    WORD SEARCH Welcome to the best application of word puzzle game for Android: 1.- There are 25 items/categories to choose from: - Animals - Body Parts - Capital Cities - Buildings - Business - Cats - Dogs - Birds - Clothing - Country names - Doctror / Medical Terms - Emotions - Flowe…

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    Download Briefing for Samsung (Update) Briefing for Samsung (Update) icon
    Briefing for Samsung (Update)

    For Samsung users, Flipboard has created Briefing. Briefing puts what is important to you at your

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    Islam In Brief

    Islam In Brief (in English Language) Prepared by: Yasser Gabr & Houda Karkour A simplified

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    Download BPO Interview Briefing BPO Interview Briefing icon
    BPO Interview Briefing

    for entry level jobs in BPO's but also briefs candidates attending interviews at mid and senior level

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    Download European History European History icon
    European History

    Free EBook on European History. This ebook discovers the history of Modern Europe, starting at the Hundred Years War and ending at the present time. A chronological perspective of history is attempted within this text. Although this is the case, it is also important to understand patterns within European History, therefore chapters will attempt t…

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    Download HR Interview Briefing HR Interview Briefing icon
    HR Interview Briefing

    this app will give you an Industry Specific Briefing. Like other Interview briefing apps where

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    Bluetooth Chat

    Bluetooth Chat, messenger to send short messages over short distances, communication doesn't result in any charges, messages are sent directly between devices equipped with this software, range depends on the device and obstacles, sending can sometimes take little longer if program have difficulties, observe status icon next to recipient name…

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    Download SmartBrief SmartBrief icon

    Experience what happens when expert business news curation and aggregation meets mobile. The SmartBrief

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    Download Brief History of Shivaji Brief History of Shivaji icon
    Brief History of Shivaji

    struggle for Independence. The application provides a brief history of this legendary figure and tests

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