"bug detector"

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Addons Detector

Addons Detector detects addons used by your installed applications. It has all the tools to find

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Metal detector

Turns your cell phone into a metal detector. This app measures nearby electromagnetic fields using

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Shellshock Detector

from the Bash bug. What does Shellshock Detector check on your mobile device? • Whether your mobile

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Scanner spy bugs simulator

Spyware scanner - a simulator search for hidden cameras and bugs for surveillance and wiretapping

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Orc Detector

"Orc?" and the sword will flash showing you the solution. If you like Orc Detector app

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Metal Detector

T = 10mG. Metal Detector is an Amazing tool that uses magnetic sensor to find the metal surrounding you

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Metal Detector

different phone hardware. Please note: Due to a sound bug in Android 4.3 the sound will not work correctly

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KeyStore Bug Detector

bug (CVE-2014-3100) disclosed on June 23, 2014 and affecting Android 4.3 (JellyBean) devices. Upon

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Heartbleed Detector

Better Heartbleed Detector can be used to determine whether or not your Android device

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Little League WeatherBug

data and better forecasts. Be better protected with faster weather alerts! WeatherBug wants Little

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McAfee Heartbleed Detector

What does McAfee Heartbleed Detector do? This app determines if your device or any apps installed

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