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Love calcolator

Do you want to know if your HE or SHE is your the right person for you? A boy looks at you and want to know more about your affinity? Your girl is grumpy? Hits you? :) Do not worry ...... from now on you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Enter two names, signs of the zodiac and press the button .. you will know the percentage of affinity. And if yo…

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Total Calculator

★ one who integrate different types of calculator app ★ convenient and smart calculators have the ability to prevent a possible human errors built ★ provide the historical memory functions and UNDO, REDO function ★ Various theme support Calculator - total calculator configuration - 1) Standard calculator 2) Scientific calculator 3) Statistics cal…

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Age Calculator

this age calcolator will calculate your actual age in days, months and years.

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Civil Calculator

A simple Civil Calculator tool is a collection of Civil Engineering calculations for Civil Engineers and Students to calculate different types of civil related units.

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Melanoma Calculator

The Melanoma Calculator is an improved prognosis prediction tool designed for use by medical professionals in the calculation of survival expectation for melanoma patients staged by sentinel lymph node biopsy. Based on the studies described in the publication referenced below, it is more accurate than previously used prediction tools. It is based…

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Geodetics Calculator

The Geodetics Calculator is designed to solve the first ("direct") and second ("inverse") geodetic problems with an accuracy of 1e-6 meters over a range of 27 different reference ellipsoids and spheriods. Background: The first ("direct") geodetic problem is defined in the following manner: given a point (in terms of l…

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Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator application with functionalities of a real scientific calculator like, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, logarithm, square, square root , percentage, 10 length memory log, infinite calculations log, converter for length, weight and memory, ability to accept value from clipboard, 3 number systems- sci…

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Hour & Elapsed Time Calculator

Clean easy to use hour and time calculator. Add, Subtract and Calculate Elapsed Times. Use Menu to: Select Display Format: Decimal, #h #m #s or hh:mm:ss Select hour format: 12/24 Select precision: #.#, #.##, #.### hh:mm, hh:mm:ss Toggle Vibrate: On/Off Please email any questions or requests... Thanks.

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Time Calculator Trial

Simple to use time calculator to add & subtract time components. This is a trial version of app to try out certain Pro features so not all functions such as multiplication and division are available beyond 20 free tries. Pro version available for only 99¢ which has all features enabled. New Time Mode option (8AM + 3.5Hrs = 11:30AM) added…

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MathScript Scientific Calc

MathScript is one of the most powerful scientific calculator available in Android. It encompasses a very powerful solver that can solve almost everything you throw at it. A smart user interface system allows easy editing of mathematics. MathScript also has a visually attractive function plotting capability. With MathScript, you can perform almost a…

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2 Stroke exhaust calculator

A simple 3 stage two stroke exhaust calculator based on formulas of G.P. Blair from the book: The Design & Simulation of Two Strokes. You can also save and load the data by using the provided functions. Let me know if there are people out there who would like more applications for 2 strokes. The next version will include dimensions for hydrofo…

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