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Calibre Library

Connect wirelessly to your Calibre e-book library or other Stanza source. Browse and download your

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Apk Installer

Quick and easy way to install apk files on your sd card. Search your sd card for apps to install

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Download MapCalibrator MapCalibrator icon

MapCalibrator calibrates custom maps to the real world using gps positions. It allows you to see

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Download Proximity Sensor Calibration Proximity Sensor Calibration icon
Proximity Sensor Calibration

This tool calibrates the proximity sensor by one click! If you are facing the following issue

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Download Rezound Prox Sensor Calibrator Rezound Prox Sensor Calibrator icon
Rezound Prox Sensor Calibrator

*** ROOT ONLY *** This utility can be used to recalibrate a dirty or worn proximity sensor on your HTC rezound. If you are not rooted this utility will not work for you.

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Download SP Gravity Plugin SP Gravity Plugin icon
SP Gravity Plugin

Allows to define a rule condition if phone tilted face up/down. Uses accelerometer sensor. THIS IS NOT STANDALONE APP! Requires Setting Profiles v1.0.19F or higher to work. Source code and plugin developer guide http://code.google.com/p/sp-gravity-plugin/

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Download Touch sensitivity calibration Touch sensitivity calibration icon
Touch sensitivity calibration

Calibration of the touchpad temperature settings In extremely cold weather or abnormal temperature

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Download RealDepth Forest Free LWP RealDepth Forest Free LWP icon
RealDepth Forest Free LWP

transitions will be used for animation. * For devices that support live wallpapers. * Compass calibration

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Download Gyroscope Rotate Gyroscope Rotate icon
Gyroscope Rotate

This is a totally old app I made back in the nexus s days to see if my gyroscope actually existed. You can find the source for it here: https://github.com/schpet/GyroscopeRotate (most of it's copied from some google project). No updates for this app are planned! It needs network access because I used it for advertising at some point.

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Download ElectricSleep ElectricSleep icon

ElectricSleep is a smarter alarm clock. Using your Android's accelerometer, it can record your sleep cycles and can try to wake you up gently during a light sleep cycle. The sleep data it records is saved and analyzed so that you can understand and improve upon your sleeping habits. ElectricSleep's continued development is supported by Zeo…

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Download OpenTTD OpenTTD icon

old versions from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/libsdl-android/files/apk/OpenTTD/ This game

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Download Clinometer + bubble level Clinometer + bubble level icon
Clinometer + bubble level

calibration! With that you can calibrate your device even on non-level surfaces. We will support this product

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