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CARFAX for Dealers

Get CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on your lot, at trade-in or at any auction. Scan or enter

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CARFAX Find Used Cars for Sale

New from CARFAX: Search millions of used cars for sale from over 28,000 used car dealers nationwide

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CARFAX Unlimited

CARFAX - Mobile App with unlimited access This mobile application allows all customers with active

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CARFAX - Check a car

Looking for a used car? The CARFAX Reports helps you to: • Reduce the risk of buying a bad car

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CARFAX for Police

Solve crimes faster and protect your community with the FREE CARFAX for Police app! Get the power

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Get CARFAX Vehicle History Reports on your lot, at trade-in or at any auction. Scan (or enter

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VIN Scanner FastBook®

Blue Book, MMR, Black Book, Carfax, AutoCheck, Retail Competition View, and DealersLink® Comps

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VIN Viper VIN Scanner

for yourself. -- Kelley Blue Book, NADA, Black Book, Market Metrics, ADESA + other auctions, CARFAX, Auto

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Vehicle Barcode Scanner Lite

Simply and accurately scan any linear VIN barcode and quickly share the VIN through email or SMS. Pixo's Vehicle Barcode Scanner is uniquely optimized to accurately scan linear VIN barcodes — including through windshield glare and in a variety of indoor/outdoor lighting situations. NOTE: This app does NOT provide additional information about t…

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Sources: · AutoTrader® · Cars.com® · eBay Motors® Vehicle History Report Integration: . CARFAX® . Auto

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