"custom vibrate"

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choose a intensity of vibrations from 4 intensity modes 3)Custom intensity mode - you can choose your

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Vybe - Custom Vibrations

customization of their Android devices** Create custom vibration patterns for your contacts and know who

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Vibrate Sensations

! Custom massage modes can be created that can be used to suit your specific vibrate needs. It can be used

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Customize Vibrator

You can change the pattern of vibration for incoming phone call. Vibration patterns can

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freely at any time "Custom Pattern mode", Enjoy the vibration pattern of many from

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Smart Vibrator

Smart Vibrator is a little program that customizes vibration for incoming SMS and call. You can

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Custom Vibrate Pattern Avibrim

it to create custom vibrate pattern and assign them to contacts. You will be surprised how much fun

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Vibrate tools

Just tap your screen to create your custom vibrate style and set it as a SMS vibrate alert. notes

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Good Vibrations

custom vibration patterns for SMS, Whatsapp, Hangouts, Gmail and more*? *(requires Android 4

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Contact Vibrate

vibration patterns touching the screen using our wizard, or define custom morse messages at different speeds

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New Lockscreen

to enable or disable lock,lock sound,vibrate. Disable home,menu,back key in Keypad Lockscreen, so no one can

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Custom Vibrates

default pattern to vibrate when others send a message. Customized vibrations for incoming: - SMS

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