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NEW UI! Completely rebuilt! ----------------- A Budget app designed to track your daily spending including your expenses as well as your income. Since its BETA, any comments and/or bug reports are appreciated! Hope you guys like the new features :-) Looking for beta testers.. email if interested *** BEFORE RATING ONLY 1 STAR , CONTACT ME *** Le…

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The Dave Ramsey Show Live

is not owned by Dave Ramsey. It was created for users who want to listen to The Dave Ramsey Show.

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Debt Payoff Planner

a debt payoff strategy - Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball (lowest balance first) - Debt Avalanche

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EveryDollar: Budgeting

Dollar is based on Dave Ramsey's proven plan, which has helped millions beat debt and build wealth. Dave

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SuperStation 101 WYDE

Faith, Family, and Freedom. The Guys, Andrea Lindenberg, Yellowhammer Radio, Dave Ramsey, Leland

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Economy, Finance and Business

- Watching Your Wallet Podcast - The Dave Ramsey Show Dave Ramsey Podcast - The James Altucher Show

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The Podcaster Money & Economy

other programs from Dave Ramsey, The Motley Fool, and more.   Disclaimer: Note that neither this app

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1230 The Talker, 4-States talk station with Dave Ramsey, Laura Ingraham, Herman Caine, John Gibson

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News Radio 880 KCMX-AM

and Information. Your new home for Glenn Beck, Craig Fronek in the Morning, dave Ramsey and Mark Levin.

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Alive In Christ Radio Network

, Focus On the Family, Beth Moore, Luis Palau, Dave Ramsey, and our signature Christian program, Alive

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and professional life. Past issues featured Steve Jobs, Jillian Michaels, Howard Schultz, Steve Martin, Dave Ramsey

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Quick Snowball LE

smallest debt first), as recommended by financial counselors such as Dave Ramsey. This IS a very basic app

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