Download Doms diagnostic tools Doms diagnostic tools icon

Doms diagnostic tools

did you have accident crash test with your mobile? fancy to know, is e...

Similar app: SWB : SMS Web Browser

Free | 8 298

8 Users
Download Maths Teacher Diagnostic Tool Maths Teacher Diagnostic Tool icon

Maths Teacher Diagnostic Tool

This Teacher Diagnostic Tool will allow you to pull all of your studen...

Similar app: Subject World: Student Edition

Free | 10 7

10 Users
Download Maths Diagnostic Tool Maths Diagnostic Tool icon

Maths Diagnostic Tool

The Maths GCSE Diagnostic Tool is a skills based assessment program. T...

Similar app: PiXL Maths

Free | 9.2 42

9.2 Users
Download PowerTutor PowerTutor icon


PowerTutor is a diagnostic tool for analyzing system and app power usa...

Similar app: Power Tutor 2 Pro

Free | 8 1.1K

8 Users
Download Phone Diagnostics - SmartChek Phone Diagnostics - SmartChek icon

Phone Diagnostics - SmartChek

Simple and easy to read phone diagnostics tool and systems check for:...

Similar app: Smart Utilities Free

Free | 6.2 134

6.2 Users
Download e-med Medical Dictionary e-med Medical Dictionary icon

e-med Medical Dictionary

The e-med Medical Dictionary is a searchable database of medical infor...

Similar app: The UltimateMedical Dictionary

Free | 8 166

8 Users
Download Bitdefender Carrier IQ Finder Bitdefender Carrier IQ Finder icon

Bitdefender Carrier IQ Finder

Bitdefender Carrier IQ Finder reveals the presence of the Carrier IQ m...

Similar app: Carrier IQ Sensor

Free | 8.8 984

8.8 Users
Download HTC Help HTC Help icon

HTC Help

Learn how to use your phone and make sure it’s fully function with HTC...

Similar app: HTC Service Pack

Free | 8.8 5.5K

8.8 Users
Download Geek Squad Geek Squad icon

Geek Squad

Lock, Locate, Recover, Diagnose, and Transfer Data with The Geek Squad...

Similar app: Auto Fit Guide

Free | 8 1.6K

8 Users
Download Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car) Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car) icon

Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car)

Get detailed, real-time performance data from your vehicle with this m...

Similar app: Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

Free | 8.9 18.4K

8.9 Expert
Download Baby Translate Baby Translate icon

Baby Translate

Ever want to know what you baby is crying and screaming about? This tr...

Similar app: Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Free | 6.6 852

6.6 Users
Download Test for Psychopathy Test for Psychopathy icon

Test for Psychopathy

In contemporary research and clinical practice, Robert D. Hare's P...

Similar app: Psychopathy Checklist

Free | 4 67

4 Users

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