Download Xperia™ Diagnostics Xperia™ Diagnostics icon
Xperia™ Diagnostics

Xperia™ Diagnostics lets you run tests on your device to better understand its hardware

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Download e-iSCAN:Car Diagnostic System e-iSCAN:Car Diagnostic System icon
e-iSCAN:Car Diagnostic System

vehicle's computer through e-iScan interface. Simply to connect to your car's diagnostic socket

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Download Multitouch Test Multitouch Test icon
Multitouch Test

A simple app to test the touch of your device. It measures and shows how accurate is the touch of your device, how many touches it supports, and there are some options to personalize the exhibition.

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Download Car Diagnostics Pro VAG OBD2 Car Diagnostics Pro VAG OBD2 icon
Car Diagnostics Pro VAG OBD2

) - Automatic all systems scanning and analyzing - Read/erase diagnostic trouble codes in all control units

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Download OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics) OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics) icon
OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics)

-fledged diagnostic scan tool: read diagnostic trouble codes, clear the "Check Engine" light, check

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Download Micromax Diagnostics Micromax Diagnostics icon
Micromax Diagnostics

Help improve your devices by automatically sending diagnostics and usage data to Micromax

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Download FreedomPop Diagnostics FreedomPop Diagnostics icon
FreedomPop Diagnostics

FreedomPop’s Diagnostic App provides a unifying user interface that simplifies and quickens

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Download USB Host Diagnostics USB Host Diagnostics icon
USB Host Diagnostics

USB Host Diagnostics determines your device's USB host capabilities. USB host is a very

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Download Prognosis : Your Diagnosis Prognosis : Your Diagnosis icon
Prognosis : Your Diagnosis

concise discussion of the diagnostic reasoning involved, and the key lessons applicable to day to day

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Download Doms diagnostic tools Doms diagnostic tools icon
Doms diagnostic tools

did you have accident crash test with your mobile? fancy to know, is everything is work? this is like Swiss knife style application with comprehensive set of tools and tests to help you gathering informations about your device and detailed information about its features and hardware components with possible to perform basics test to check is every…

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Download OBD Fusion (Car Diagnostics) OBD Fusion (Car Diagnostics) icon
OBD Fusion (Car Diagnostics)

your Android phone or tablet. You can clear your check engine light, read diagnostic trouble codes

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