"dr mario"

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Dr. Droid

Dr. Droid is inspired by classic falling block games. Kill viruses by placing colored pills in rows

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Dr Tilla

="_blank">http://blackramu.blogspot.com.es/ ---- blog Inspired in the classic NES game "Dr Mario". Kill all the viruses throwing pills

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DrGPIO is a really small tool to control your Raspberry PI GPIO port from your Android Device

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Pill Mania

"Pill Mania" is an addictive puzzle game similar to "Dr. Mario" (TM

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Neon Puzzle Free

It is a tile-matching puzzle, similar to Tetris, Bejeweled, Columns, Dr. Mario and others. You have

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This game is similar to "quadrapop", "tetris" and "Dr. Mario", where

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Monsters Groups

the best? Tetris or Dr. Mario game style This game is available in English and Spanish

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Bacterium Evolution Premium

dr. Mario. Bacteria look like bubbles that pop and evolve into different characters when get

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Super Spektro Puzzle

a tus amigos. Del estilo épico de los legendarios Dr.Mario, tetris o similares... Este juego va a ser

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Particle Panic

of space. Directions: Swipe to move, and tap to rotate. Similar to: Puyo Puyo, Dr. Mario, Columns

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