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Encrypt Text Free

Encrypt Text is a simple application that lets you encrypt / decrypt (...

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Free | 8.6 27

8.6 Users
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Encrypted text

Encryption words, numbers and symbols with a password Tell your frien...

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Free | 9.8 14

9.8 Users
Download Secure Encrypted Text TRIAL Secure Encrypted Text TRIAL icon

Secure Encrypted Text TRIAL

Encrypt & send sensitive info via text / SMS. Master password reme...

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Free | 8 8

8 Users
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Encrypt Text Pro

Encrypt Text Pro (Ad-free version of the Encrypt Text app) is a simple...

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$0.99 | 10 2

10 Users
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Encrypt Text Messenger SMS

This text messenger (SMS) will encrypt your texts using the AES alg...

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Free | 7.4 3

7.4 Users
Download Encrypting Texts Encrypting Texts icon

Encrypting Texts

-You can encrypt and decrypt any text ( in English ). -Go to "How...

Similar app: Message Encrypter

Free | 9.4 7

9.4 Users
Download Encrypted Text-Secret Message Encrypted Text-Secret Message icon

Encrypted Text-Secret Message

Now nobody can try and read your texts ever again!! Simply type in th...

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Free | 9.4 12

9.4 Users
Download Secure Encrypted Text SMS Secure Encrypted Text SMS icon

Secure Encrypted Text SMS

Encrypt and send sensitive info via text. Your recipients must have th...

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$2.84 $0.99 | 10 3

10 Users
Download Cripto - Send encrypted text Cripto - Send encrypted text icon

Cripto - Send encrypted text

Have you ever thought of giving a date to a person, but you would not...

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Free | 0 0

Download TextSecure Private Messenger TextSecure Private Messenger icon

TextSecure Private Messenger

TextSecure is a messaging app that allows you to take back your privac...

Similar app: SMSSecure

Free | 8.8 20.7K

8.8 Users
Download Encryption Text Msg Encryption Text Msg icon

Encryption Text Msg

You can use Encryption Text Msg to encrypt your messages with your fri...

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Free | 0 0

Download Animated Smileys Free Animated Smileys Free icon

Animated Smileys Free

Send animated emoticons even with sounds!, encrypted text and other em...

Similar app: Emoticon & Smiley for Chat

Free | 6.4 465

6.4 Users

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