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Brain Jailbreak-Free The Mind

Spinning Mandalas, help relax the brain. Enjoy Brainy science news, Brainy Speakers, Brainy tunes, Brain foods, Brain games, and Optical Illusions. Flex that piece of meat!

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Direct VoiceChanger

-Funny app, it changes your voice directly! -Currently there are 8 types of voices :Dolphin, Helium, Robot, Alien, Girl,Boy, Man, Monster. -Unlike other voice changing apps, this app doesn't need to record and wait to change voice. Simply, when you keep talking, it changes directly. -Will be added more voices *If there is any error or anything…

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Topography is about planet earth and humans, about natural and artificial features. The questions are about countries, cities, rivers, roads, buildings, etc. There are 4 parts: A: World - B: USA - C: World - D: Cities Use your phone/tablet/computer + all the possibilities of the internet. And doing so, you'll encounter a lot of things you didn&…

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Swagger Meter

Swagger Meter is an app that can test how much swagger someone has. How Much Swagger do you have? How it works: Tap on top right if the screen you will get the best swagger. Tap on the top left you will get the worst swagger. Tap the top Middle or don't tap any sides when application starts to randomly pick your swagger.

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Emojinho by Ronaldinho

The official soccer emoji app by the legendary Ronaldinho is here! Hundreds of exclusive emojis selected by Ronaldinho himself with brand new emojis coming every month! For soccer fans around the world. Share your feelings with hilarious soccer balls, unique hands, luxury images and funny faces by Ronaldinho. Support your favorite team at the Olymp…

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Angel Caller

ENGLISH . ESPAÑOL . ITALIANO ENGLISH This app isn’t magic, nor does it pretend to be. Life is magic and we’re the magicians in the making. With that being said, it is the communication between the magician and the divine that prompted this book and every other means of divination. Designed to create a fluid conversation with our higher self, the…

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Pro FX Camera

Pro FX Camera Is the iPhone and iPad popular camera app, and now finally launched a special edition of Android, download it now! themes vary from the feel of film camera to the unique sets of classy moods or fun creativity. Whether you are looking for special effects, you will find it all in Pro FX Camera. ART PHOTO EFFECTS Pro FX Camera provides…

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Poxy clock

What's new: Added wave of hand to change Google play music tracks Added wave to answer phone calls. Read social notifications when the headset is plugged in. Might mode will tell you good night and silence the phone except for alarms. In the morning will tell you how long you slept for and comment on it. Silence the phone when the calendar say…

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Find It Keep It

Find It Keep It, a real time treasure hunt. The object of this app is simple, be the first to decipher the hints to the location of the hidden treasure and it's yours! Treasures include Cash, Latest I Phones, I Watches, Galaxy Phones, ect. Treasure Hunt Keywords: Find, It, Keep, Cash, Treasure, Hunt, Locations, Prizes, Phones, Accessories, I…

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Download Farid Bang Punchlines Farid Bang Punchlines icon
Farid Bang Punchlines

Jeder Farid Bang Fan wird die App feiern, da die lustigsten und besten Lines in der App zu sehen sind. Unter anderem sind viele Alben vertreten wie Asphalt Massaka 3, Killa, JBG2 etc...

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Download Gangsta-Rap Punchlines (DE) Gangsta-Rap Punchlines (DE) icon
Gangsta-Rap Punchlines (DE)

Die neue Gangsta-Rap Punchlines App bietet euch die besten Punchlines der deutschen Rapper. Mit übersichtlichem und coolem Design hat die App einen hohen Spaßfaktor vorallem beim angucken mit Freunden. Wir denken, jeder Rap Fan wird unsere App mögen. Vertreten sind die Lines von: - Kollegah - ZHT4, King, Bossaura etc... - Farid Bang - Asphalt Mas…

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Kaleider Plus

The Kaleider Android app makes it possible to experience much of the visual magic of the full Kaleider PC program on Android devices. It generates an amazing variety of Kaleidoscopes, Mirrors, 3D Mirrors and Funnels. Any JPEG or PNG image can be used as the source for effects. Here is a summary of the primary features: ** Render Effects - Instan…

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