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The FC2 Live App allows you to use the popular FC2 Live service, currently used by over 2.8 million

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FC2 Blog Topics

- Pick up "popular articles"! List the popular articles on FC2 Blog and you can read them

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App voice Launcher (no limit)

Start the application you want to start with voice search. Also Register application in status bar and launch it directly. This application is limited Edition(You can register app up to 10). Features - You can select from a list of applications to start the app. - register launch voice from voice search. - It can be launched from the statu…

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Begging book

In everyday life, even though I shampoo and toothpaste, toilet paper, etc., going to buy them, or would not still considered safe. After all, experience in a hurry and ran out to buy I have missed or will not buy. This app was born from such experience. If you register what you're thinking of buying the book beg, you will see a cat management.…

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Evolution Game Yanderera

="http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/" target="_blank">http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/ 兜虫とパンケーキ 

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Evolution Alice of an Madness

="http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/" target="_blank">http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/ 兜虫とパンケーキ 

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Begging cat

Cat is a home screen widget application scrounge. You can install the terminal app for, we will spread the contents scrounge scrounge cat. [How] A. Placement of the widget Please continue to touch where you want to place the cat begging on the home screen. Menu will be displayed for a while. After that, please touch the widgets on the menu. Since…

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Super Level Up!

="http://piposozai.blog76.fc2.com/" target="_blank">http://piposozai.blog76.fc2.com/」 「Mr. Bubble

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Infinite Click Yanderera

href="http://beetlepancake.web.fc2.com/" target="_blank">http://beetlepancake.web.fc2.com/

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