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Join the world’s largest treasure hunting community with the official app for geocaching. Whether

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GCC - GeoCache Calculator

The GeoCache Calculator is a comprehensive tool for every active cacher! It contains over 250

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Geocaching Tools

- Calculate the sum of the character values in one ore more words - Chose between a=1, b=2 etc, the inverse a=26, b=25 etc. or the phonepad abc=2, def=3 etc. - Decrypt encrypted text to plain text or vice versa - Convert coordinates from DMS to UTM an vice versa - Calculate way points like N 50° (a+b)*c

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Geocaching Droid Army Knife

and work with databases from GSAK, the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife application for Microsoft Windows PCs

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Geocache Placer

Geocache placer is a tool for Geocachers, who wants to place their own Geocache, with a very

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GeoCaching Buddy

Want to try the light version first? Download Geocaching Buddy Trial! You will be able to test all

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Cipher tools

Tools for encrypt or decrypt some cipher. Contains: vigenere, mobile cipher, morse code, ascii code

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. The map screen provides all the layers, filters and tools a geocacher needs for serious planning

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Android AdvancedGeocachingTool a Geocaching Tool for Android you need a "geocaching

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Tracker for Android is the application for hunting, rescue organizations, geocaching, navigation

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