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Geological Compass

Geological compass is used to measure orientation of geological structures, as they map

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GeoLog is a new kind of location tracker which changes tracking characteristics based on where you

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Download Geologic Time Scale Geologic Time Scale icon
Geologic Time Scale

Basic Geologic Time Scale taken from the 2009 version published by The Geological Society

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Download iGeology iGeology icon

iGeology - Interactive geological mapping of the UK. iGeology is for anyone who wants to explore

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GCX Geologic Time

“Grand Canyon Expedition” is a set of three educational virtual field trips set in a scaled-down Grand Canyon, Arizona, for teaching introductory undergraduate geoscience concepts. This game is based on relative GPS locations, designed to take advantage of the GPS capabilities of mobile devices. Relative GPS takes your current location and sets it…

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Download GeoLog GeoLog icon

GeoLog allows you to save a Site with a Picture from you mobile camera. Each Site will be saved

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Download Geological Modelling Minescape Geological Modelling Minescape icon
Geological Modelling Minescape

. Tutorial Geological Modelling ini merupakan tutorial lanjutan dari sebuah aplikasi ebook Basic minescape

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Download Rocklogger Unlocker Rocklogger Unlocker icon
Rocklogger Unlocker

wish. Rocklogger is a geological tool for measuring the orientation of rock outcrops. It uses

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Download Geology Sample Collector Geology Sample Collector icon
Geology Sample Collector

from a drop down list of the geologic time scale), sample weight, temperature, and pressure. Specific

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Download eGEO Compass GS by GeoStru eGEO Compass GS by GeoStru icon
eGEO Compass GS by GeoStru

Geological Compass for Android by GeoStru 2010 --------- Digital compass for geology. Designed

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Strike and dip

Our Strike and Dip application turns your smartphone or tablet into essentially a brunton compass allowing you to determine the strike and dip of planar and linear features with one click. The Strike and Dip application also serves as a tool within our Geology Sample Collector application, but we have also enabled it as a separate application for t…

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