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Download SCADE Glass Cockpit PFD SCADE Glass Cockpit PFD icon
SCADE Glass Cockpit PFD

The Glass Cockpit Primary Flight Display (PFD) application illustrates, for educational purposes

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Download Aircraft VOR Free Aircraft VOR Free icon
Aircraft VOR Free

Aircraft VOR provides you with a GPS based aircraft VOR instrument shown as a typical Bendix/King KI-208A instrument. It lets you 'tune' aircraft navigation Very High Frequency Omni-direction range (VOR) beacons via a worldwide database and allows you to select and track a VOR radial to or from the VOR station. It also optionally shows you…

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Download FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation icon
FLY is FUN Aviation Navigation

, glass cockpit, aircraft, plane, IFR, VFR, terrain alert, compass, altimeter, HSI, PFD, navigation aid

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Download Radio Nav Aids (Trial) Radio Nav Aids (Trial) icon
Radio Nav Aids (Trial)

other than an aircraft cockpit. The trial version is limited to displaying the simulated radio

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Download FlightGearMap FlightGearMap icon

* WARNING: READ CAREFULLY. THIS IS NOT A FULL GAME, IT IS AN INTERFACE FOR FLIGHTGEAR FLIGHT SIMULATOR. YOU WILL NEED A PC RUNNING FLIGHTGEAR TO USE THIS APPLICATION * FlightGearMap for Android is a companion for FlightGear flight simulator: FlightGearMap shows the current position on your plane on a map, as well as some useful controls such as ai…

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Download Compass 4D Compass 4D icon
Compass 4D

Augmented Reality Compass. Panoramic Compass. Show planets positions also show towns around your GPS position without internet connection. Please leave comments for improvements. This compass uses the magnetometer, gyroscope(if available) and the accelerometer. it’s a full featured IMU (9DOF), with highly efficient stabilization algorithm. Test…

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Download Cockpit Wallpaper Cockpit Wallpaper icon
Cockpit Wallpaper

cockpits have windows that can be opened when the aircraft is on the ground. Nearly all glass windows

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Download GPS altimeter GPS altimeter icon
GPS altimeter

Altimeter is a free to use the functionality of the GPS. Current position on the map, advanced GPS, elevation map is displayed. Please click the button at the point you want to measure. Please use the setting to ON GPS. Also any problems caused by downloading this software Note) installed, but its responsibilities. Please use at your own risk.

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Download Dashboard Air - Speedometer Dashboard Air - Speedometer icon
Dashboard Air - Speedometer

* Glass cockpit * GPS Speedometer Features - Speed, Heading - Azimuth, Pitch, Roll - Latitude, Longitude

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Download GlassEFIS GlassEFIS icon

GlassEFIS is an Android based virtual aircraft cockpit for visualizing your motion in 3D. Similar

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Download Gyro 2D Visualizer Gyro 2D Visualizer icon
Gyro 2D Visualizer

This is a test app for visually comparing the gyroscope to the compass, the accelerometer and multi-touch in two dimensions (the XY-plane). The gyroscope rotational speed around the z-axis is visualized as a gray circle. Compass is red/white. Accelerometer is green. MultiTouch is blue. The source code is available at https://github.com/nadam/gyro…

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Download Air Navigation Pro Air Navigation Pro icon
Air Navigation Pro

tool in the cockpit to simplify their Pre-Flight Planning and improve In-Flight Situational awareness

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