Download Paper Glider Paper Glider icon
Paper Glider

already flicked their Paper Glider around the world! How far can you flick and fly your paper plane? Use

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Download Tap Tap Glider Tap Tap Glider icon
Tap Tap Glider

How far can you fly your paper plane? Use your finger to guide the plane through a world full of obstacles. You need to tap the screen in little bursts to give your plane a wind boost to make it fly higher to avoid crashing. Judge carefully how much to boost as the plane can not hit the obstacles... Unlock new planes as you progress through the g…

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Download Sky Glider Sky Glider icon
Sky Glider

will enjoy — Sky Glider! Glide through challenging skies, and reach the farthest distance to unlock new

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Download Glider Glider icon

Greetings Glider fans! Well, it is 2014, and I have ported my old Glider game from 1997 over

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Download Glider Flight Simulator Glider Flight Simulator icon
Glider Flight Simulator

Get ready to challenge your piloting skills in this realistic glider flight sim. How long can you

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Download TurboNutz - Run and Jump TurboNutz - Run and Jump icon
TurboNutz - Run and Jump

! Character Roster: Michael (Squirrel): A very ordinary guy Connie (Sugar Glider): She will attract

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Download Hang Glider de Coins Hang Glider de Coins icon
Hang Glider de Coins

and operate the hang glider. You can accelerate if you tap the right half of the screen, And you can

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Download X Plane Glider Pilot X Plane Glider Pilot icon
X Plane Glider Pilot

Dare to go beyond the skies and into the skyline.Unleash your inner maverick with X Plane Glider

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Download Paper Glider vs. Gnomes Paper Glider vs. Gnomes icon
Paper Glider vs. Gnomes

Prepare for battle! War has been declared in Gnome man’s land! Paper Glider must rid the world

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Download Super Gliders Super Gliders icon
Super Gliders

to pick up and play, hard to master -Small download, less than 10MB -Sugar Gliders are cool

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Download Red Glider Red Glider icon
Red Glider

Beware! Red Glider is not an easy game to play. Challenge yourself with piloting the Glider

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Download Kew Kew - Sky Glider Squirrel Kew Kew - Sky Glider Squirrel icon
Kew Kew - Sky Glider Squirrel

Meet KewKew, a cute squirrel who is nuts... for nuts! Luckily the world is filled with hills and it will help KewKew glide his way after these delicious treats he loves so much! Take KewKew to the highest mountains and help him jump off the cliffs and fly to collect as much nuts as he can, but be careful: it is not going to be that easy. Birds and…

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