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GPS Test

Check to GPS reception in your area, update AGPS data for faster fix times all this and other GPS

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TV Antenna Helper FREE

This app is the free version of TV Antenna Helper. If you use this app, please rate it. If you feel

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Ham Radio Tools

Amateur radio calculators for antenna length, Ohm's law, resonant frequency, grid square

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Find Antenna Free

our best to help you out. Best results are achieved if GPS is turned on. Detailed information

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You Are Here GPS

£20. It has also been tested with an Anadigi GPS-206 GPS Antenna. The tablet must deliver power via

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Bluetooth GPS

Connect to an external bluetooth NMEA compatible GPS device. Mock provider allows other apps

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and distance to a set of target locations using locator or latitude / longitude. Useful to align antennas

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Download Antenna tájoló Antenna tájoló icon
Antenna tájoló

keretében. Az "Antenna tájoló" applikáció a földfelszíni digitális televízió műsorszórás

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Download Digital GPS Speedometer Digital GPS Speedometer icon
Digital GPS Speedometer

with built-in GPS antenna to measure your velocity. It acts as a normal speedometer, which you may find

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TV Antenna Helper

This app is the paid, ad-free version of TV Antenna Helper FREE. If you use this app, please rate

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Download GPS Laps GPS Laps icon
GPS Laps

Lap times can be measured by using GPS of the phone. The time gap to the best lap is displayed

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Download GPS Speedometer & Flashlight GPS Speedometer & Flashlight icon
GPS Speedometer & Flashlight

for Android devices with built-in GPS antenna. It acts as a normal speed gauge, which you may find in any car

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