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Tattoo Designs for Men

Awesome free tattoo design for men catalog for you to choose from. There are all kinds of tattoo designs you can show your friends on facebook or email to them. You can also use these pics as backgrounds for your app. You will love these tattoo pictures and hopefully you will be sporting one of these designs very soon. Find your own tattoo designs…

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Male Menopause

Do you want to know more about male menopause? Then this app is for you! Male menopause is a gradual process which starts at around the age of 40 years and progresses over a period of more than 20 years. The level of testosterone decreases at different rates in different men. Symptoms like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido or sex drive, fatigue,…

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Gold-Yogurt Pedometer

We updated the Gold-Yogurt pedometer to V.4.0 to show some 30 days data on your own phone,you can compare and keep your daily walking for your good life. Walking scale The Gold-Yogurt Pedometer, with the mobile phone 3D accelerometer technology, can count the full daily walking steps, instant speed, and others, together with your step length and…

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Download Healing Cat Purrs Healing Cat Purrs icon
Healing Cat Purrs

Might sound like something out of science fiction, using the sound of cats purring to heal? Studies have been done that suggest the sounds of cat purring may aid in healing... Scientists at the University of California, Davis hypothesised that a cat's purr can be used as a healing mechanism to offset long periods of rest and sleep that would…

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I Love My Boobs

[Requires no internet connection. All data and videos are stored within the app] Beat breast cancer! Love your breasts! An all-in-one app featuring the tit-bits of information, tips and short videos of what you need to know about breast cancer, and what steps you can take to check for breast cancer (and catch it early when it is easy and least co…

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LEARN ALL ABOUT DIFFERENT NATURAL CHILDBIRTH METHODS SUCH AS MASSAGE AND WATER BIRTHS. Natural childbirth is a philosophy of childbirth that is based on the belief that women who are adequately prepared are innately able to give birth without routine medical interventions. Natural childbirth arose in opposition to the techno-medical model of child…

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MEDITATIONS FOR HEALING THE HEART CHAKRA THE HEART CHAKRA - THE FOURTH CHAKRA Located near the center of the breastbone or sternum, this chakra represents higher consciousness and love. The Heart chakra is associated with the heart, thymus gland, lower lung and circulatory system. The heart chakra acts as the balance point for all the chakras. It…

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Rosacea Treatment

Stop suffering with the redness, irritation, unsightliness, and humiliation of Rosacea. Learn the Rosacea Treatments that get rid of those annoying symptoms once and for all... In this FREE app you will learn Rosacea symptoms, see photos, videos, latest news, rosacea treatment reviews, recommendations, and learn the best Rosacea Treatment... Wh…

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Download Yoga for Gout Yoga for Gout icon
Yoga for Gout

Are you suffering from Gout? You want get relief from Gout if yes then try Yoga .. You want healthy life if yes then option is Yoga for you.... You know What is Yoga? Can anyone do yoga? Yes, everyone can do yoga. Do you know that you have done simple yoga poses, when you were a baby? You know how Yoga can give your healthy life for life time… You…

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Download Derrimut Derrimut icon

Derrimut application is for members of Derrimut 24:7 Gym. It will allow you to keep upto date with news and events at Derrimut. Need to check class times? No Problem! The latest schedule is available for you to view. Subscribe to push notifications to be made aware of cancelled classes and special promotions! ---------------------- Permission re…

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Download Power-NapZ Lite Power-NapZ Lite icon
Power-NapZ Lite

Feeling run down and wish you could get a boost or recharge to carry on? Do you sit on the train or bus and wish you could just close your eyes for a few minutes sleep? Power-NapZ might just be the answer you've been looking for. Power-NapZ is a power nap app, it will help you to have a short power nap to recharge your body and your mind.…

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Weight Loss For Beginners

Do you want to lose your excess weight? Then this app is for you! You can’t see your feet beyond your waistline. And yes, it hurts to know that you have tripled your pounds in the last five years. You are not alone. About one-third of American adults are overweight. Now is the time to transform your soft, flabby body into the toned, sexy physique o…

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