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Calorie Connect

A clean, simple and intuitive progress tracking app! To use it, just log in using your social account and update your weight and calorie intake daily. The app will show the progress you've made.

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Elite Pilates

Download the Elite Pilates App today to plan and schedule your classes! From this mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-up for classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s location and contact information. You can also click through to our social pages! Optimize your time and maximize the convenience of signing up for clas…

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this is the full description for the test. yayayayyy.

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Download Lets Wiggle With 5210 Lets Wiggle With 5210 icon
Lets Wiggle With 5210

Let’s Wiggle with 5-2-1-0 strives to decrease childhood obesity and lifestyle risks associated with chronic disease by increasing physical activity and decreasing screen time in childcare settings and at home.

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Download MyLife+ MyLife+ icon

MyLife+ is the easy to use health and wellbeing app for people with HIV. The app is convenient, simple to use and discreet, and puts you in control allowing you to have better conversations with your doctors and nurses. MyLife+ can help you keep track of your health over time, including your medications, blood results, symptoms and moods. The app c…

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Download Life Meals Life Meals icon
Life Meals

When it comes to leading a healthy and active lifestyle nothing is more important than eating clean fresh food from a variety of different sources. Life Meals removes all the diligent hard work from planning and preparing healthy food by offering healthy cooked meals that are portion controlled, cooked fresh every week and conveyed to an outlet clo…

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Download Paleo Diet App : Paleo Recipes Paleo Diet App : Paleo Recipes icon
Paleo Diet App : Paleo Recipes

What is paleo diet and why are people digging into this kind of diet? Paleo Diet App : Paleo Recipes Paleo diet based on the types of foods to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of only meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food. Paleo diet simply means, eating natural food without…

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Download Military Diet Military Diet icon
Military Diet

Military Diet is a very popular diet regimen, the Diet Plan has worked for many. Here are menus for each day, a shopping list, exercises, and success stories with photos ... Details of all steps of the diet: - Military Diet Menu: Day 1 - Military Diet Menu: Day 2 - Military Diet Menu: Day 3 - How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days: Preparation T…

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Download Dime Saúde Dime Saúde icon
Dime Saúde

Com o Dime saúde você pode calcular o IMC, Receber dicas e alimentares e muito mais! Baixe Agora!

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Download My Health Pot My Health Pot icon
My Health Pot

My Health Pot is a comprehensive record-keeping app for your personal medical information. It's the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records or various electronic systems that hold bits and pieces of your medical history. With My Health Pot, any and all information that is important to you is kept together in one place. The way medical…

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Download 30-Day Challenge 30-Day Challenge icon
30-Day Challenge

Doing something, anything at all, is always better than nothing. That’s exactly the spirit behind Just-Do-Something Challenge The following app makes it super simple to fit a little exercise into every day. You don’t need to plan anything in advance - nothing requires a change of clothes or any equipment. Just knock out each daily to-do within t…

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Download Check Fever Thermometer (Real) Check Fever Thermometer (Real) icon
Check Fever Thermometer (Real)

You do not have a thermometer and you want to measure the fever? This app allows to measure the fever, or at least have a rough indication, by means of the camera, it calculates the body temperature and the level of fever by analyzing the number of heartbeats, because the heart rate is influenced by fever. So even if not 100% reliable because chec…

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