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iMind Coach

Our team of Advanced Mind Coaches can help you positively transform any patterns of negative thoughts, feelings and habits so you can feel calmer, happier and more confident and enjoy more success in your life. We can easily help you to discover and realise your true potential by combining our unique skills and experience in Advanced Subconscious M…

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Golf Swing Analyzer

The Golf Swing Analyzer allows you to record a golf swing by swinging your mobile phone. You can then compare the golf swing to previously recorded golf swings and analyze them for similarity. This feature helps you to train the same golf swing over and over again. How to use the Golf Swing Analyzer? Press the "Plus" Action Button on th…

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Perfect Abs In 30 Days

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in. Start your Fitness training when and where you want to take it !!! Now a days people don’t have time to take care of their body, so don’t worried about it. We are introducing your own virtually Abs Workout instructor, for making of your personality better and perfect. This workout ma…

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Yoga Helps Relieve Depression

Do you feel stress & anxiety? Is depression your concern from life? Do you want to get rid of depression? Depression is a state of mind or a mental situation of an individual who is not in a good state with life. This has been notice then when an individual experiences extreme failure then unfortunately draws toward depression. There is no s…

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Cutting Machinery

Cutting Machinery is the first of its kind app for a modern enlightenment practice. This is not a fluffy meditation app for the average Joe: think of it as the antidote to mindfulness. Most meditation apps don’t go beyond relaxation and stress relief. Cutting Machinery is warrior training for your mind. The kind of training necessary to be able…

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aloevera forever global store

Forever products have been shown that extremely improve for animals health conditions. Natural products help body heal itself. Some important things you need to look out for when choosing your Aloe Vera products in order to enjoy all the benefits of ‘true’ Aloe Vera! Due to the ever increasing popularity of Aloe Vera, demand for Aloe Vera products…

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F45 Training Currumbin

Now you can check out our latest schedule in real-time and sign up for classes on the go. Login to see your schedule, membership information, visit and payments history, cancel a reservation, and stay up to date with the latest membership offers and new class schedules.

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StreetWorkoutCalisthenics FREE

Are you ready for a fresh new take on Fitness that delivers results? Well.. then you're in the right place. Turn your device into a portable gym with the Street Workout Calisthenics today! Learn the most effective and easiest way to workout your entire body. Now you can workout at home, in a park, in a gym - anytime, anywhere and track your pro…

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Barcaldine Pharmacy

Barcaldine Pharmacy's webpage, online store, scripts on file and general store information all compiled into an easy to use app. We thought it would be easier to send a message to order your scripts on file through a phone app, so the scripts on file order form is the first page listed for ease of use. We have also listed our phone number and…

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Health Tips

The Main motive of this Health Tips App is to Create Health Awareness for Healthy Life, Information about Natural Resources on Fruits & Vegetables, Home Remedies for Common diseases, information on Ayurveda, Information about Disease and Contidions, information about Blood Glucose Monitors, Vitamins and Much More....................... Read the…

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10 Minute Abs Workout

10 Minute Abs Workout Best App For Abs workout just in 10 minute daily workout !! • Do you want flat abdominal and better core ? • Do you want a flat tummy without Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck ? The app contains the ten most common abs exercises everyone can do and help you with your Diet. Perform 10 exercises every day to get 6 pack abs. Doing…

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Fitness Prosport

The professional fitness instructor «Fitness Prosport» includes: - More than 450 simple and effective exercises for men and women - Description and animation for each exercise - Opportunity to add as many exercises of your own as you wish - Ready-to-use workout sessions for men and women to perform the exercises at home - Opportunity to add as m…

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