"heat sensor"

Download Sensor List Sensor List icon
Sensor List

List all sensors available on the device along with their current values and a plot to display

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Download AndroSensor AndroSensor icon

AndroSensor is the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool that lets you know virtually everything

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Download Sensor and GPS Monitor Sensor and GPS Monitor icon
Sensor and GPS Monitor

This is a sensor and location manager monitor (and logger) for Android devices. The source codes

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Download IP Sensors Eye IP Sensors Eye icon
IP Sensors Eye

IP Sensors Eye connects to network devices, known as IP Sensors, and displays data from attached

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Download Sensor Monitor Sensor Monitor icon
Sensor Monitor

View and monitor sensor values, give you notifications when the values are out of range

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Download Heat Genius Heat Genius icon
Heat Genius

Heat Genius Intelligent Heating Control from your smart phone. Take control of your heating bills

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Download Thermostat for Arduino Yun Thermostat for Arduino Yun icon
Thermostat for Arduino Yun

With this app, an Arduino YUN microcontroller, a DS18B20 temperature sensor and a relay, you can

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Download ExternalSensor ExternalSensor icon

ExternalSensor reads socket for Vitotronic® protocol data of Viessmann heat pumps. Prerequisite

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Download Weather Station Weather Station icon
Weather Station

VERSION OF WEATHER STATION FIRST to make sure your device has the sensors for the types of readings you

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Download Total Connect Comfort Total Connect Comfort icon
Total Connect Comfort

The Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app allows users to remotely monitor and manage their heating

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Download Infrared vision camera Infrared vision camera icon
Infrared vision camera

nothing to do with temperature. Phones and tablets do not have heat sensors or thermal sensors. Infrared

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Download Thermo for Samsung Note 3 & S4 Thermo for Samsung Note 3 & S4 icon
Thermo for Samsung Note 3 & S4

the sensor inaccuracy, influence of heated battery or phone case you may be using. What’s more there

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