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Download Big Font Size Big Font Size icon

Big Font Size

‘Big font size’ helps to increase the font size on the mobile. For eas...

Similar app: Small Font Size

Free | 7.4 50

7.4 Users
Download FontUp FontUp icon


Increase (or decrease) your system font size to make it easier (or mor...

Similar app: Lockscreen Policy (<= KitKat)

Free | 8.6 282

8.6 Users
Download Malayalam Christian Songs Malayalam Christian Songs icon

Malayalam Christian Songs

It is a Compilation of Malayalam Christian Suvishesha Ganangal . This...

Similar app: Sadharana Namaskaram

Free | 8.2 1.3K

8.2 Users
Download Adukkala - Volume 1 Adukkala - Volume 1 icon

Adukkala - Volume 1

We are proudly introducing Malayalam Offline Cookery Book App from &qu...

Similar app: Adukkala - Volume 2

Free | 8.4 6.2K

8.4 Users
Download Shona Bible Free Shona Bible Free icon

Shona Bible Free

Shona Bible (Bhaibheri ) is the old 1949 version version for your andr...

Similar app: Shona Bible

Free | 8.4 1.2K

8.4 Users
Download DeafNote Free DeafNote Free icon

DeafNote Free

A note application with the following features to add a note, delete a...

Similar app: DeafNote

Free | 8.8 118

8.8 Users
Download Ashtottaras In Telugu Ashtottaras In Telugu icon

Ashtottaras In Telugu

Ashtottaras In Telugu is an intuitive devotional app displaying ashtot...

Similar app: Ashtottaras In Kannada

Free | 8.6 458

8.6 Users
Download Point Blur (Partial blur) Point Blur (Partial blur) icon

Point Blur (Partial blur)

You can make it easy Blur Photos Just touch the blur where you want Yo...

Similar app: Monochrome Color(PhotoEffects)

Free | 8 1.6K

8 Users
Download Holy Bible In Amharic Free Holy Bible In Amharic Free icon

Holy Bible In Amharic Free

Get the most popular Amharic Bible app in the Appstore. What others...

Similar app: Holy Bible In Amharic

Free | 9 3.7K

9 Users
Download Bible in Swahili Free Bible in Swahili Free icon

Bible in Swahili Free

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "...

Similar app: Bible Swahili

Free | 8.8 10K

8.8 Users
Download Malayalam Camera Dictionary Malayalam Camera Dictionary icon

Malayalam Camera Dictionary

Pocket Dictionary for DSLR photography . Language - Malayalam Notes...

Similar app: Adukkala - Volume 1

Free | 8.4 569

8.4 Users
Download Kannada Jumble Kannada Jumble icon

Kannada Jumble

Kannada Jumble (Pada Gurutisu) is an intuitive app which presents the...

Similar app: Telugu Cinema Jumble

Free | 8.2 182

8.2 Users

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