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Stickman jailbreak escape

You need to find a way to escape from the prison. A set of tools for the implementation of escape. You can escape through the roof or through the door, and it is possible through the sewers. We need to think and decide which method is most appropriate for the flight. Wicked protection will always watch over you so you do not run away. If the guard…

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Bubble Jailbreak

Swipe the bubble out of jail. Move the blocks that block its way. Sounds easy? This bubble puzzle game is easy to learn but hard to master. The game objective is simple - to get the bubble out. How to do this? Swipe away the blocks to unblock the path out. Sometimes unblocking the path will take many steps, involving all the blocks on the board.…

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Jailbreak! Prison Break Game

Night has fallen and prisoners have escaped from the jail. Find them in the silence of night without disturbing the incautious innocents that walk by the streets unaware of the situation. Arrest all prisoners to maintain the order and safety of the city against the crime! It's not an easy task to accomplish, in the dark of the night you'll…

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Jailbreak 14 days

Snowden imprisonment of innocent goodness .... Use your keen powers of observation and wisdom to help him escape from prison, right! This is a very simple and addictive game, allowing each player to put it down! Background ========== ========= story Snowden is an innocent man, he unfortunately jailed .... Inside the heavily guarded prison, withou…

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Jailbreak Go Locker Theme

Jailbreak Go Locker Theme Android is boring when it comes lock screens, Try our go-lockers screens

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This is an app NOT to jailbreak your Android device, (Which is impossible) but rather

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New jailbreak

Once again, the main character was jailed for court cases. You need to find a way to escape from this dark, damp cell. In the area on concepts for a long time can not live, you need to be tricky. So if there is a trick and mind, why not apply it to escape from the slammer? Include your brain, look for items that will help you carry out your welcome…

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Randy Jailbreak

to jailbreak?Sounds attractive that task is tough,You have to be careful of the guards and pay attention

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Alien Jailbreak

STOP THE ESCAPE Be on the lookout—the universe’s most-wanted goofy aliens are trying to make a run for it! With a space patrol ship and an arsenal of otherworldly weapons at your disposal, stop these dim-witted alien prisoners from making the great escape. But don’t wait too long to make a move or they’ll use mind-control beams to stop you! ON PAT…

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The Jailbreak

the jailbreak of all time? Play with other players around the world.

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Jailbreak Wizz

JailbreakWizz is place where you can find help related to iOS jailbreaking and unlocking. Learn how

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