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Jeppesen Marine Plan2Nav

Jeppesen Marine has developed the ultimate navigation and planning tool for today’s “mobile

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Jeppesen Mobile TC

Jeppesen Mobile TC** provides immediate, direct and reliable access to IFR and VFR terminal charts

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Jeppesen Marine Maps Manager

DO NOT DOWNLOAD !!! DO NOT USE THIS !!! it is to be used only from the real mapping application that will be published soon. This is the technical test.

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Snowtam Decoder

Aviation / weather app for decoding a Metar / TAF snowtam. http://ftdevelop.pcriot.com/index.html Features: - Decoding of a snowtam in Metar / TAF format - Explanation of the items (A ,B , C, ...) - Changing of the the textsize, textcolor and textfont at most of the pages

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Approach Charts

FAA Instrument Approach charts (Terminal Procedures) for the US - No subscription! As long as the FAA provides the charts for free, you never pay again - Optimized for tablets and phones - Instant-search for airport, city, state or route - Favorites and Recents for quick access to your most used airports - Includes Airport diagrams, Minimums, STAR…

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Waypoint Free

Waypoint is a waypoint manager that allows you to save and manage waypoints. Waypoints can be plotted on a map to access information about the waypoint or viewed in Google Maps to access directions, streetviews, or topographical map data if available. Waypoint allows you to easily organize your location data by creating categories which specify t…

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My Fear and I

Audio Designer: Kristian Koldbro Project Manager: Simon Ulrik Jeppesen Voice Actress: Kay Taylor QA Lead

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E6B Flight Computer

The Professional E6B with a polished interface. Easily calculate wind correction, density altitude, crosswinds, and more. With a cleaner interface that's easily controlled with one thumb, the E6B Flight Computer is completely cockpit friendly and requires no internet connection to work. Note: Does not work on the Motorola Xoom.

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Download Radio 24syv – radio og podcast Radio 24syv – radio og podcast icon
Radio 24syv – radio og podcast

Cordua • Huxi og det Gode Gamle Folketing med Huxi Bach • Hviids Varmestue med Michelle Hviid • Jeppesens

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A320 Quiz

and more. Ops Manuals - OMA, OMB, and OMC. Operational - Jeppesen route manual. Performance - A320

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