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Almanakka 2016

Yliopiston almanakka 2016 Almanakka sisältää suomalaisen kalenterin juhlapäivät, suomalaiset nimipäivät aakkosellisena listana, kirkollisten pyhien tekstit, kuun vaiheet sekä auringon nousu- ja laskuajat Helsingissä, Jyväskylässä, Oulussa, Sodankylässä ja Utsjoella. Mobiilisovellus kertoo myös auringon nousu- ja laskuajat käyttäjän sijainnin mukaan…

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If this app is enabled, always vibrate when incoming call. Even in the silent by a large amount of notice, it is recommended if you want to vibrate only incoming call.

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Perfect Pizza Dough Forever

Making pizza is all about the dough. That perfect crust. Making perfect pizza dough is part technique and part science. You can, at the least, get the science part right. This app and a functional scale will help you. Whether you are making a thin crust pizza or maybe a slightly thicker New York styled pizza, it is all about the hydration levels…

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The GODS NOT DEAD app explains the evidence for the Christian faith, as featured in the GOD’S NOT DEAD movies and in the books by Dr. Rice Broocks. It provides quick answers to the most common and challenging religious questions, and equips believers and non-believers with in-depth resources for further study. Rice Broocks' hope is that “there…

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Beer Buddy - Scanner & Ratings

Ever walk into a beer store and want to find out more about a beer? Sitting at a bar and see something intriguing on tap and you want to find out more? Want to see millions of ratings and reviews of you favorite craft beers? Over 200,000+ beers and millions of user ratings at your fingertips. Browse and rate beers from every brewery, as well as fi…

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ColorAPP! Boero Fai da te

COLORAPP! The right colour for your room. Just touch it. Choosing and matching colours for your rooms can become easy and funny with this application. A professional result in few easy steps. With COLORAPP! you can explore colour collections and products on your Tablet Android, capture a hue that inspires you or select it from our palettes and, b…

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Which Fish? This Fish!

Which Fish? This Fish! organizes information on fish sustainability into a convenient package. It includes information on sustainability, environmental effects, and nutrition and cooking information to help you choose better seafood for you. Fast and Easy Which Fish? separates seafood into three convenient categories, each with its own icon, so yo…

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My Phone Addiction Stopper

Does your phone steel your precious and quality time? Way too often do you find yourself scrolling and scrolling for nonsense? Did your work productivity decrease because of the time you loose on your phone? Does your friends or children often ask you questions that you even don’t notice? If yes, then this is the app for you. According to webmd…

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safaqat is an e commerce application provide alot of products related to fashion kids, women and men wear. we care to sell a high quality products with best prices

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StagePal - Live Timetable App for Music Festivals! - See which band / artist / DJ who is playing at each stage right now and next! - Works OFFLINE: no need to be connected to the internet - See full timetables for the events Ever been to a festival with too many stages or too many acts to know what's going on? StagePal show you everything you…

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My Good Day

This app will record all the good things that has happened to you during the day. You can record: What good things happened to you. What good things you done for others. How could've you made your day better. To use this app simply write out one or all of the following within the app. On the calendar, it will keep record of all the good things…

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VCalendar - Vedic calendar

"VCalendar" app is a very unique Indian Vedic calendar app that is designed and developed by VenkatRama & Co, Andhra Pradesh, India. Our app offers full-fledged Indian vedic calendar on app store. It supports worldwide Cities (various time zones) and is a very useful app that can be referred by anyone on a daily basis. If you are wo…

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